A Moment of your time, please….

Dear Fellow Journalers,

One of the hardest things you face when starting a Moment Journal is that you feel that what you might write is insignificant or that you’ll end up with mundane journal entries. You have to remember that in journaling your innermost thoughts you will remember what you once believed was of true value to you. Your journal will enable you to look back and understand how you evolved and developed as a person.

Little moments of joy are things you might possibly forget if you don’t write them down. For instance, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time comes to visit and gives you a huge heart-warming hug; or you see a spectacular sunset; or witness a gift of kindness shared between strangers. Whatever is happening to you at the moment is ok to journal.

What kind of journal do you need? I kept a small, lined notebook in my purse and one on the bed table so that I didn’t have to hunt for pen and paper.

There are two types of journaling that aid in the creation of Moment (Mindfulness) Journaling. One is Meditation Journaling. I touched on this topic in my previous posts. For this type you need a blank, un-lined journal or notebook. Write the date, name of the meditation practice and how long you meditated. Then you write how the practice went – what distractions you had, what you did about them, what positive factors (calmness, patience) were present.

Example: Mindfulness of breathing. 25 minutes. Hard to stay focused. Fell asleep. Feeling sad about family situation. Depressed and having insomnia issues.

     Some people find that Double-Entry Journaling is best for this type of experience. In this method you leave every second page blank in your journal. You write on the right-side of the page. Then when you do a weekly review you make notes on the left-side of the page. Those notes might include further reflections on some aspects of your experiences.

Tune in next week for tips/covers/pages etc.

‘Til next time,



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