Project List

Dear Fellow Journakers,

Lists motivate us and help us feel good about ourselves. Here are some lists/prompts for your Project Journal.

Goal List. What are my goals for this week? How can my goals bring my project to fulfillment?

Shopping List.  What do I need to buy that will enhance my project?

Best decisions I’ve made. Make a list of 5-10 decisions you’re made about your project.

Changing  If changing the look of a room, what are my favorite colors of paint? What furniture do I like best for my space?

List of Questions. . What questions do I have of the experts who are helping me?


ST Patrick’s Day

Dear Fellow Journalers,

When I was a teenager, I took Irish Step Dancing lessons and my favorite musical group was The Clancy Brothers. Here is one of my favorites. Enjoy!


Garage Roof, Gutters and Garage Door

Dear Fellow Journalers

Denise continues her home remodeling journal.


March 16, 2016:


The garage roof plus gutters all around the house and on the garage were a no brainer at all; I called, they came and measured, asked me what color I wanted on the roof (match the house roof, please), DONE!!!

That garage door? There’s a STORY to tell . . . .

I had them come [to measure for the garage door] and decide IF they could work around the Corvette inside the garage . . . no problem, just move a few things and we’ll be able to get the job done. EXCELLENT!!!  (The Corvette originally belonged to my ex-husband. When he passed away in 1998, my son wanted me to keep the car for sentimental value; it’s been in my garage [or driveway] ever since.)

I no sooner got everything set and then my son showed up and decided to pull the car OUT of the garage and leave it in the driveway. WHY? Something about a friend of his who has a friend who knows of a place in Middletown that only restores Corvettes and his buddy who owns a tow truck can come for it! Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it; same old song and dance – been telling me the same thing for years!

Below is a pic of my old garage door; as you can see, it was a tad on the decrepit side and this is before it started to fall apart! Once it started to rot away, its edges started to curl which made it difficult to glue back together because the edges wouldn’t slide nicely back into the tracks.


My Decrepid Garage Door_031616 Blog Post


After my son pulled the car out, I tried to fix the garage door best I could; was actually rather ‘comical’ if you happened to be watching me that day. Only the bottom portion of the door had actually fallen off by that point, but with the movement of the car, the right two panels fell out and while I was working on gluing and hammering them back in place, the left two panels fell out! Great! I left them all off and called the garage door folks; “Hi! You can’t get here any quicker than . . . .” No, they had to order the door.

This whole thing started with that little bit of inheritance; it’s the reason my son showed up to ‘move’ the car. In the end, however, after the Will was read, there was a stipulation that my children couldn’t have their little pieces of the pie till they attained a certain age. Ha! He wasn’t old enough. Of course we didn’t find this out till after he pulled the car from the garage.

Car was in the driveway . . .

when the painters came;

when the outside porch came down;

when the garage door was fixed;

when the garage roof was re-roofed; and

when the gutters were done . . .

In fact, that car is still in the driveway and I need that re-done too!

That darn car; why didn’t he just leave it IN the garage?

D ~


Next week? We move inside . . .   updating bits and pieces in the bathroom . . .

Then upstairs to rip out a partially done shower stall, then down to the basement for the final week.

I’m thinking of updating the counters in my kitchen too!





“In the most successful spaces, you don’t see everything at once. The more time you spend in them, the more you discover. They open like flowers.”

Vicente Wolf

Attached Porch off Detached Garage (03-09-16)

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Denise continues her Project Journal.



Back in 1997, there was an enclosed porch attached to my detached garage.  In a former life, I owned a flower shoppe; all the remnants from the shoppe were stored in the porch with the hopes of someday when . . . . when the children are grown, when I retire, when I’ve enough money . . . .

One day, quite a few years ago now, I walked into the porch searching for something, flipped the switch to the light and nothing . . . . that’s when I noticed the globe of the light fixture missing along with the light bulb.  I cleaned up the mess and went about my search.  Next time I was out there, I realized the floral buckets from the shoppe were filled with water.  What the . . . ?  That’s when I noticed the wooden ceiling was soaked and about the same time the light bulb in my brain clicked on regarding that shattered light fixture.  Water . . .  Electricity . . . .  Aha!

I called a few roofers, but they wanted more money than I had.  At one point I’d met and gone on a few dates with a general contractor.  We got to talking about what he did for a living, I mentioned my roof issue, he insisted we stop at Job Lot to pick up a tarp and he put it over my roof to stop the leakage.  I might have been able to get a new roof out of him, IF we’d gone out that long, but I was never one of those women who takes, takes, takes and then tells a man to scram.  I guess I’ve got a conscience.  After a few years of snow, water and hot Summer sunshine, the tarp disintegrated and blew away.

Over the next few years, I started weeding out the flower shoppe remnants that were mostly waterlogged and unsalvageable, then I had a tag sale and got rid of more, I gave some away at work and the hopes of ‘someday when’ started to fade when I realized the roof was falling further and further into disrepair with no funds in sight to ‘fix’ the issue.

One day, about two or three years ago, I walked into the porch and looked up; I could now see sky.  A month or so later the roof started to cave in.  That’s when I made the decision to knock the whole darn thing down and be done with it; would be a lot cheaper than having the roof fixed.

I had the electrician in to fix something and we always gab while he works because we know some of the same people.  I mentioned knocking the porch down, he mentioned a friend of his who’s a General Contractor; gave me his #.  Glenn came and the porch is history; doubled the size of my backyard!

D ~

PS:  I know I promised to talk about the Gutters, Garage Door & Roof this week, but the Enclosed Porch story needed to be told.  Besides, I was wondering what I’d talk about in weeks 3 and 4 IF I talked about everything in week 2.

.   2nd Day-Porch Excavation_2014Pretty Leaves on the Fence_Oct 2015


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