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Dear Fellow Journalers,

Do you ever feel as though your “stream of consciousness”has flowed into the Mississippi River? I’m not sure if the Mississippi River is appropriate  but I just like writing Mississippi.Anyhow, I recently read an article that detailed 50 Journal writing tools and techniques to trigger ideas. I thought I would start with 2of the different categories and expand on others throughout the year.


Tracking journal process for personality work using left brain tools

  • Dream calendar – put your ideal day, week or year one one page
  • Make up a Hot List -keep handy yout list of most important things to journal about

Create Awareness

  • Complete the sentence
  • Watch how your mind works

Inner Connections

  • Mind Mapping
  • Rhyme time

Heart Connection

  • Gratitude
  • Poertry


Tools and Included items in the Time Capsule

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Marybeth continues the writing journey:

“When I first started writing The Time Capsule Journal”, I kept an ongoing list of important things to remember in the front cover. I wanted the journal to be more than a step-by-step diary of our lives. “So boring,” Tim said of my early attempts. So I started thinking and I decided to change things up a bit.

I knew that to be successful, this journal had to be written by all of us. I know what you are thinking – unusual undertaking. But the time capsule was about all of us, so why not have all of us write about it. Our first step was to make lists of all that had happened during the week. We used my template from Tim’s journal as an example. One week’s events were: Maureen’s attempt at baking biscuits (Girl Scout Badge), T.J’s letters from college, making a new friend. Sometimes we just wrote the event and a word or phrase to describe it. I sometimes couldn’t resist writing a short poem or a snippet of a song that the event’s memory triggered. John drew a picture or two and my husband captured as many events as he could on his trusty camera.

One thing we did without telling the kids was to write a letter to each of them. We wrote about what they were like right now, how much we loved them and our wish for them to be happy in their future. We then folded the letters, slipped them into envelopes with their names on them and sealed the flaps.  ( I sincerely hope that if you ever decide to make a family time capsule, you will do this! We know it will be a rewarding experience for you, as it will be for us in 10 years’ time!)

Then we decided to expand our journal and our Time Capsule by including some of the following:

title of favorite songs, Game Nights, Top 10 Memories, Each child’s age, height and weight, dreams of the future, current nickname, best friends, piece of wisdom to their future self, what a perfect day looked like.

In addition to the writing material, we included pictures of the house and their rooms, price list of things they liked to eat (fast food also), the front page of the local newspaper.

By now, the small box we had chosen was over-flowing so we searched around the house for a new one. We debated about getting 5 boxes for each of the children, but in the end decided on one. But the Maroney Time Capsule still had to be found and decorated. More on that project next week.”  M.B.

This is getting exciting!

‘Til next week,


The kid at Home Depot

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Another post from G!

The other day I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some stuff, and remembered I needed a new screwdriver.

Turning into the tool aisle, I spotted a young boy, whom I would guess to be about 7 or 8, and his mother. This kid was pointing out various and asundry tools to his mom, and telling her their uses. I was impressed! I couldn’t name half those tools, let alone tell you what they did!

I listened intently. This kid was rattling this off like other kids would rattle off baseball stats, or maybe a litany of their favorite groups’ songs.

I couldn’t resist interacting with this kid.

Hey sport, can you tell me where to find the screwdrivers?

Flathead, Phillips, or combo?

Whoa! This kid is deadly!


Right over here mister.

He then proceeded to pick up one brand and model and explain why this was the one I needed to buy, even though it was more expensive.

In the background, I noticed his mother trying not to laugh as this kid gave a passionate lecture on screwdrivers.

Well sport, you sold me! This is the only one I’m buying. Tell me, why do you love tools so much?

Oh mister, do you know what you can do with tools? Do you know what you can build or fix? When I’m 10, my mom is going to buy me a whole tool kit. I can’t wait! (He said it with the passion of a kid waiting on their first car)

What’s the first thing you’re going to build? I asked.

Quickly he said: A kitchen table! Ours is a little wobbly, and I want our family to have a nice place to eat.

I got all emotional at his emotion.

His mom then explained that while other kids like to go to playgrounds or some such, her son only wanted a weekly trip to Home Depot.

Hey sport, this screwdriver you recommend so highly, you got one?

No, not yet, he said.

Well, you and your mom come with me to the front, because I’m buying 2, and giving one to you.

His mother protested, but I insisted.

When I gave the screwdriver to this amazing kid, you’d think I’d given him an   x-box or something!

Thanks mister, thanks a lot

Walking to my car, I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL kids showed such enthusiasm for life, and for what they’d wish to be their life’s’ work!?

This kid is going to build the future of America, and I’m proud to say I helped encourage him.




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