The usual tips with a twist

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Ok, I know I usually write tips on how to write these different types of journals and so this one is no different. First you have to decide if you will want to remember your trip 5,10 or 15 years from now. I suppose if your trip was to commemorate a special occasion such as a trip to California to see your grandchild graduate or maybe it was your ____ anniversary , then you definitely want to remember those journeys.

What do you want to include?

a. Your route (plotted on a map), People, (photos are best with names) and “top” moments (best sunset, view, meal).

b. Don’t include everything – leave some things out. Why? As you look back over the journal and memories come flooding back, you will inevitably remember something you didn’t write about!

c. Write about your senses. (tastes, smell)

d. Pictures (postcards are nice)

E. Ticket stubs, newspaper articles.

F.Write how you talk.

G. Did you have a bad time, anywhere?

H. Did you get lost or sick?

I. Did you miss your flight and have to spend the night in the airport?

J. Do you need to buy a bigger suitcase?


Letter Writing tips

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Some of these tips pertain directly to letters you will send. Some may not. Be careful anyhow.

  •      Always proofread your letter for sentence structure, grammar and spalling er spelling.
  •      Keep the recipient in mind and write in a way that he/she will understand.
  •      Don’t abbreviate dates as in 11/19/17 – write instead November 19, 2017.
  •      Be respectful even if writing a complaint letter.
  •      If your letter is going to be more than one page, write on the next page not on the back of the page. Ink bleeds through.

‘Til next time,


A bunch of moments

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following tip has been shared by me in various posts but it still ranks predominately in my mind:

     The simplest way to begin is just write.

     Experts call this “stream of consciousness” style. The sentences may lack structure, have incorrect grammar and are not tagged. After you write some 30-40 entries, you could, if you wanted to, divide your thoughts into Tag Groups- Thoughts, Moments, Trips, Quotes, Personal, Reviews, pictures think Pinterest Boards.

     Additional Tips:

  1. Write when you are at the particular moment.
  2. Don’t edit.
  3. Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude.
  4. Write about nature and your feeling about the season you are in.
  5. Keep a list of music you like to listen to.
  6. if there is something you are struggling with, write about it in the 3rd person.
  7. Look for your inner light.


Paper Daydreams

Dear Fellow Crafters/”Journalers”,

I’m a relatively new blogger. I started blogging in July 2013.  ( Prior to writing, I made and sold greeting cards on my web site and at craft shows. I know, the usual route! But then, something amazing happened.

As I began to write about card-making I found that I wanted to expand my creative wings. So, after talking with a few of my friends, I decided to design and create a new blog where I could explore and travel down a new path. was born!

I hope you will join me on this new adventure. As you can see, my post categories are slightly different from My plan is to write and post every Wednesday. Paper Daydreams will focus on journaling, Craft Projects will be about different media-based projects I’m working on. Quicks will be posts concerning tips I’ve picked up about card making, die-cutting, and crafts in general. I’m inviting Guests to write about their favorite topics. Good Reads, a web site I recently discovered, is a great place to explore. My Card Gallery will feature my hand-made greeting cards that are for sale. Please email me at for more information. One of my post popular categories “Sentiments” will feature inside greetings for the cards and of course can be used for your cards and notes.

Are you ready because I can’t wait to get started!


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