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A flower needs the Sun to grow

A half needs another to be whole.

By Sallie

The Greatest of these

Reason faces up to life,

And sees things as they are.

Hope sees things as they ought to be

And wishes on a star.

Faith dreams of miracles to come

That only God can do;

Love goes to work with patient hands

To make these dreams come true.

By Helen Marshall

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For your inspiration:

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A bunch of moments

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following tip has been shared by me in various posts but it still ranks predominately in my mind:

     The simplest way to begin is just write.

     Experts call this “stream of consciousness” style. The sentences may lack structure, have incorrect grammar and are not tagged. After you write some 30-40 entries, you could, if you wanted to, divide your thoughts into Tag Groups- Thoughts, Moments, Trips, Quotes, Personal, Reviews, pictures think Pinterest Boards.

     Additional Tips:

  1. Write when you are at the particular moment.
  2. Don’t edit.
  3. Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude.
  4. Write about nature and your feeling about the season you are in.
  5. Keep a list of music you like to listen to.
  6. if there is something you are struggling with, write about it in the 3rd person.
  7. Look for your inner light.


Memory journal covers

Dear Fellow Journalers,

As we’ve seen, there are millions of layouts for memory journals and there are millions of covers too. Enjoy!


Memory cover #1Memory cover #2Memory cover #3

Journal covers and pages

Dear Fellow Journalers,

MaryBeth shares some covers and pages for your inspiration.




A butterfly

A butterfly

Journal cover

Paper Daydreams


Dear Fellow Journalers,

While researching for great journal ideas, I came across this quote which, by the way, is very appropriate for today’s post: ” tokens can be a source of inspiration and add visual and texture to pages”.

I have 2 lists of things to add to my journal. One list is digital and the other is of actual things, (tokens) I can  hold. My daughter-in-law challenged me to try Pinterest and I am now hooked. I have “pinned” peaceful scenes, book covers, quotes etc. and put them in a folder marked Journal.  My second list includes: recipes, cancelled postage stamps, pre-stamped and die-cut images, silk flowers, paint chips, scraps of handwritten notes, greeting cards, keys and sections of maps.

I decorated an envelope and put the items in it. I then placed the envelope in the inside cover of my journal. I am currently reading a great book entitled, “365 Journal Writing Ideas A year of Daily Journal Writing” by Rossi Fox.  I found a tip about adding photos to a page that I wanted to share with you. He created a template the size of a photo and added it to the back pocket of his journal. Then when he wanted to add the photo and write about it, he just took out the template, drew around it, added the photo and had space to write. He discovered that 4″ x 2.5″ is the perfect template to fit 8 photos on an A4 sheet of photo paper. I have yet to try this, but it sounds reasonable.

What are your inspirational/motivational tokens? Please share them with me at uniquelyyourscraftjournal.com


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