Good Intentions

Dear Fellow Journalers,

You know that saying, “life is full of good intentions?” Well, I started out with pen and paper in hand and then old habits reared their heads. It wouldn’t hurt to just check out e-mail would it? Just for tonight? The more excuses you make the more the intention (habit) fades away and before you know it you’re back doing exactly what you wanted to stop!

I knew the benefits of mindfulness (see past posts) so I didn’t have to talk myself into a new way of thinking. I didn’t want to be affected by the angst in the world yet there I was reading about it BEFORE I turned out the light! So much for that idea, I thought to myself.

Before you make a resolution you have to think it through. I read that statement once in a self-help book and it held a lot of water for me at the time. I needed to go slowly down the path. Baby steps get you where you want to go but slowly. There is a great ad on tv these days about quitting smoking featuring an animated turkey that is dressed in hilarious outfits who slowly “kicks” the habit of smoking with the aid of the product being promoted. Well, if a turkey can do “it” (whatever “it” is to you) than I guess you and I can go slowly too.

The next step is to show myself some compassion. What is my current situation? I have to find what works and makes me more comfortable. If I stop reading the newspaper every day (except for the headlines will that help my peace of mind?

Is there someone else I know that feels the same way I do? We all need buddies to travel the road with us.

Have you ever been in a situation where the triggers to your “habit” rears its head and you  sucked into the “rabbit hole?” It might be a slice of chocolate cake in the break room at work or a new book that has just been published and you just have to buy it. How do you conquer triggers? I ‘re-discovered music.


Self-Care, a new start

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about all I can take of the negativity, hatred, suspicion, and downright meanness exhibited in the world right now. It seems that almost everyone I meet (family, friends, and complete strangers) are affected by the destructive behaviors of others. While many may start their “New Year’s Resolutions”  to get healthy or fix relationships I decided to ” be gentle with my feelings”. I can’t fix the world but I can do something to fix some of my problems that are brought on by my reactions to the world’s chaos.

My Self-Care Journal will hopefully help in this regard. I decided to write in it all year. 2020 is not only the beginning of a new year but the beginning of a new decade, one which I hope to survive. Being a “sexy senior citizen” over the age of 70, this decade will be one of challenges and changes so what better time to start than right now!

In a way, a “Self-Care Journal encompasses every other personal journal. I decided to focus on my health first and so to that end I began my journey.  I have habits like all the rest of you! Some of mine are good, some not so much! I mean reading and eating chocolate are good, right-but probably better in moderation.

I bought a die-cut 2 weeks ago which will, I hope, help me in my creative goals and also my Self-Help goals as well. This journal has sections I can create that will divide my journey and which I will share at a later date.

For now though, I decided to take my journal to bed instead of my Kindle and set up an alarm app so that I get 7-8 hours of restorative sleep. I’m still working on the chocolate angle -maybe next week…



Self-Care Kit

Dear Fellow Journalers,

A Self-Care Kit is  great thing for yourself and for others who are struggling. Sometimes when we do for others we end up healing ourselves too. You can use a basket or a decorative box. The items are anything that brings comfort and care.

So, some of those things are:

  • Weighted blanket or throw
  • Inspiring mug
  • Funny book
  • Essential oil
  • Journal
  • (In our case, a new pen)
  • Stuffed animal (I know!)
  • Headphones
  • Chocolate
  • Tea
  • Coloring book
  • Something personal



Dear Fellow Journalers,,

There’s a song recorded by the late Harry Chapin called “Circle” which has been reverberating in my brain for the last several days and I’d like to tell you why.

During the Watergate years in American history (1970’s) the US was in turmoil. As more and more revelations came to light, discussions and arguments arose from dinner tables to the public arena. In those days, the internet and social media was non-existent, but the disturbing “unknown sources” and newscasters’ comments were still biased. Impeachment was the word of the day. After the whole incident left the world stage, in 1974 Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s book “All the President’s Men” was published. The book (later a movie) was read by thousands including me. It detailed the whole sordid story which made for fascinating reading.

Now I know you’re wondering how all this pertains to journaling. Well, it seems to me, that given the political climate of our country and the world today, we’re ripe for another disaster. I have now resorted to watching the evening news just long enough to get the bullet points. The world seems to me, to be falling apart – gang violence, disrespect for our national flag, divisions between races and genders, political and religious long-held views questioned, people wanting to tear down our past to forget (not realizing that the past is what helps forge our present and future), families divided, and finally the most insane and almost prevalent “fad”- ” I don’t like your _____ (fill in the blank) so I am going to hurt you.”

It’s time to calm down and realize that the real “us” is being torn apart. We need to re-group and get our priorities straight. We need to find hope, love and new paths to self-discovery.

Join me this month in our journey to self-discovery. In future posts we’ll talk about hope, self-care strategies, accepting ourselves and finally self-care books.

See you on the path,



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