To Those Who Don’t Celebrate Mother’s Day

Dear Fellow Journalers,

There are some women among us, who cannot celebrate Mother’s Day. There are some women who feel lost and abandoned due to deaths of children (disease, SIDS, addictions, estrangement). Unfortunately, the media seldom thinks of the pain these women feel and bombard the airways with happy children and mothers eating, playing, living.

Some of these women don’t go to their prospective places of worship on this Sunday, because of a long held tradition of the pastor acknowledging mothers with a single flower. Are you still a mother if your child is in prison? Are you still a mother if your child is living on the streets? Are you still a mother if your child hasn’t spoken to you in years or only contacts you if they need money?

Please remember these women who walk around us. They may be your neighbor, A friend, A person you see at work or in the store every week. Wishing them a good week is better than ignoring them.

Abd yes, they are still mothers!


Mother’s Day

“If ever there comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.”. Anonymous

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!



Mom’s Day

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following is an excellent post from “G:

This is not a piece about Mothers Day. It’s a piece about a special Moms’ Day, and my Mother.


Growing up as a kid, life centered on the Family—Mom, my brother, sister, me and Dad.  Time alone with Mom was rare, and short. The exception was if there was an errand that centered on you. That meant a trip to downtown , the then center of the world, and that meant time alone with Mom.

Between the ages of 11 to 13, I had a “growth spurt” that was the fore-teller of the big gazoo I am today. I outgrew everything at an accelerated rate. That meant more trips to downtown.


On the designated day, Mom and I boarded the bus for the trip to the old Thom McCann shoe store (no longer in business) to buy me a pair of shoes. Completing the task, Mom hit a few other stores for things the household needed. Then we started to walk to the bus stop for the trip home.


Walking down Main Street, Mom was drawn to the window of Mandy’s Candies. (also no longer in business) Being all woman, Mom LOVED chocolate ! Now Mandy’s was a fine, hand-made, fresh, excellent candy store. You didn’t go there to buy Hershey bars or M&Ms. Of course, their prices reflected that fact!

Mom looked longingly through the window. She suddenly motioned that we were going in.


Mom perused the delicacies vigilantly. I saw her look at the expensive top row, but quickly diverting her eyes to the more reasonable bottom row. With a sigh and resignation, she began to say: “I’d like a quarter of a pound of—“.

I stopped her mid sentence. “Mom, please get what you really want, never mind the cost. You do so much for us, you deserve it. I’ll contribute part of my allowance each week to make up the difference.”


Mom quickly looked away, intending to ignore me, but surprised me when she said, with total abandon: “I’ll have HALF a pound of (her favorite).


Stepping outside to the street, Mom opened the box, smelled the aroma, and of course offered me the first piece. ‘Mom, it was cookie day at school today, and I’m really not hungry.” (I lied, but am positive God forgave me before the words left my mouth.)


Mom savored the morsel and the look on her face was a look of total joy. Mom finished her piece, again offered me one (I again declined) Mom carefully put the box in the bag with the days other treasures, and off to the bus stop we marched.

Settling in on the bus, I said to her “Mom, I think you should hide that candy and eat it all yourself. You can eat it while we’re at school and Dad’s at work. You deserve this Mom, please do it!”


The look of shock on her face turned to something else, and the tear ran down her cheek. ‘Thank you dear. I’ll never forget this day as long as I live.’

Know what? As far as I know, she never did.


My Mom has been dead for over 34 years now. Truth be told, after such a long time, I seldom think of her anymore, EXCEPT for those few, special Moms’ Days that I can never forget.


So if your Mom is still with you, call her up on Mothers Day. Start the conversation with “Mom, do you remember the time—– “ ? I bet you a piece of candy she will!!


P.S. If you’re a Mom, call up those rotten, no good, selfish children of yours and tell them, like all Mothers, YOU WANT CHOCOLATE for Mothers Day! If you’re not a Mom, or even if you are, do the same for your Mother if you can.


P.S.S. In my wife’s kitchen, there remains a sign, of many years past, that says:




Good advice for all men anytime!

                                                                                                                                                                                        “G” 5/09/14

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