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Dear Fellow Journalers,

The biggest “thing” in organizing cards is sorting them. This goes for store-bought or handmade. Now some people may argue that you should sort by month(like you Aunt Mary’s  birthday is in June and your Dad’s birthday is in May. What happens if your spouse asks you to buy/make a retirement card for a co-worker who is retiring in August? You buy/make the card and file it in the August slot and forget about it.

I find that it is easier to file cards by categories keeping the everyday events separate from the holidays. So my division of cards looks like this: Anniversary, Baby, Birthday (women, men, children), Friendship, Get Well, Sympathy, Thank You, Thinking of You, and Wedding.

I sort the holidays by theme: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother+s Day, Father’s  Day, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Some tips:

  • Be sure to place each envelope so that the flap covers the card itself.
  • You can also address the envelopes ahead of time.
  • Colorful envelopes add pizzazz!
  • Decorate the envelope with stickers or make liners. Envelope liners can now be made with a die-cut machine. I used to make them years ago. For more information, see below.
  • Use a decorative shoe box for sorting.

Sentiments are hard to get “right”. You can spend hours in a Hallmark store trying to get the right picture and then the inside wording is all wrong. If you make your own cards, there are a dozen sites to use. I keep a folder divided by theme for my inside greetings ( see for more ideas. Sometimes the store-bought card is really perfect, but the inside greeting is all wrong you can take a blank cardstock, write you own message and it on top of the pre-made greeting.

In any case, greeting cards are an important element in gift giving and finding the right one and knowing where it is, can help your recipient enjoy a memorable day.




The Gift Planner

Dear Fellow Journalers,

This month’s journal idea came from a book I found at our local library’s used book sale. I thought at first that it was just an ordinary greeting card organizer but it was so much more! I’ve always tried to give the perfect present to my friends and family on their special day or holiday and yet I sometimes fail in the attempt. This journal will truly help all of us I’m sure!

“Every moment offers us an opportunity to spread laughter, joy and kindness.”

     Have you ever sat down and thought about your friends or relatives and what they like or even asked them? Have you ever written your answers in a special journal to refer to it later?

I remember when I announced my intent to retire and was asked what craft store was my favorite? The co-worker in question was trying to be subtle, I’m sure, but I figured out what she was trying to do pretty quickly! Apparently, she solicited advice from other co-workers and as a result mostly all of my gifts were ones I really appreciated.By doing some homework and writing down answers in your journal, your recipient will think you’re a mind-reader and thank you for years to come.

Some tips to consider:

  1. When your recipient least  expects it, ask questions about a favorite gift he or she received.
  2. Get details and be specific. Don’t just ask if they like wine. Ask if they have a specific brand and would they recommend it.
  3. Where do they like to shop? What are favorite brands?
  4. Refer to your list and update as needed.
  5. Keep a record of what you give.
  6. Start early.  (I buy presents when I see them and store them away.)
  7. NEVER throw a receipt away.

Gift Profile

       To construct a Gift Profile fill in the blanks for each person:

NAME.              BIRTHDAY               ANNIVERSARY

Clothing sizes

Favorites ( colors, foods, sweets, teams, books

Most memorable gift

Talents, interests

Likes and dislikes

Gift Giving List

     Your gift giving list is important for several reasons. The first one is obvious – did I remember and what did I give and two, Don’t send the same thing twice. It should look something like this:


Next week, my favorite list  cards!

Til next time,




Dear Fellow Journalers,

Another perspective piece from G:

Thanks for reading. ~Sallie

Don’t we all have about a kaqillion things to be grateful for every day? I mean just the fact that your heart beats and you can take a breath is cause for thanks. Think for a minute about the special feeling YOU get when you feel appreciated. Isn’t it a warm, “fuzzy” feeling. To know that whatever effort you put forth, great or small, is appreciated. To know that people know that you’ve helped in some way. And when we are the ones who should be grateful for something, and fail to show that gratitude, don’t you feel guilty? And when you do acknowledge the action or effort of another for you, doesn’t that somehow make you feel relieved that even if reciprocation isn’t possible, at least you’ve acknowledged the other persons act?

I begin every day of my life with a simple prayer, an act of gratitude that also may be an act of Faith: “THANK YOU GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY, AND THE OPPORTUNITIES IT BRINGS!” ANOTHER DAY ! Another chance to DO better, to BE better. That’s something to show gratitude for ! THANK YOU for reading this.


A Song to the World – Thinking of you

November’s Thinking of you…

These are the words from the song (from the video) last week…

“All that I am, all that I see, all that I’ve been, and all that I’ll ever be is a blessing, it’s so amazing and I am grateful for it all.”



Attitude of Gratitude

Dear Fellow Journalers,

As promised, MaryBeth as another great article about Gratitude.


Gratitude is the memory of your heart. When we express gratitude, we acknowledge that others have gifted us. We are all one family on a journey. Our paths are different but we are all on the journey of life. We, in America, have just gone through a contentious, bitter and angry election process. While some of us encouraged the rest of us to remain calm, to be willing to compromise and to be true to ourselves others in the guise of unity sought to tear the fabric of our country apart.

gratefulness keeps us in the present moment. All we have to do is anchor ourselves to the family of God. Here are some of the things that help me maintain an Attitude of Gratitude:



I am grateful for my marriage. I am grateful for my friends.

I am thankful for my good and patient teachers who taught me how to appreciate music and .art.

I am thankful for pumpkins!

I am grateful that I live in New England and have such beautiful colored leaves.

I am grateful for my talents.

I am grateful for all of you for sharing your journey with Sallie.

~ MaryBeth


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