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If you read series books, I have mentioned my favorites in the past (Murder She Wrote, Cosy Mystery series from Joanne Fluke and Miranda James) when you’re either waiting for the author’s next book or just wanting to find a read-a-like, where do you find it?  This article from the Cheshire Library Blog may help you.


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How to Find a Read-alike by Mary

If you are like me, when I find a series I love I burn through it in record time and then am left mourning that I have finished the series. Finding a new series can be difficult, so invariably I turn to NoveList for help.

NoveList is an online database that offers recommended reading lists. You can sort by age and genre and even by topics such as “fast-paced and amusing” or “moving and haunting” and even “snarky and compelling”. However my favorite part of NoveList is the Read-alike links.

If you type in a book title or author, NoveList will produce a list of results that include three very handy links: Title Read-alikes, Author Read-Alikes and Series Read-alikes.

What is a Read-alike?

A read-alike is a book, author, or series that shares some of the basic characteristics of another book, author, or series. It means that if you enjoy, say, author Marcia Muller, you may also like books by Laurie R. King, Kate Wilhelm, or Iain Pears,

For example, type in Lord Peter Wimsey (one of my favorite British mystery sleuths), click on Series Read-alikes, and you will get a list of recommendations that include the Phryne Fisher mysteries by Kerry Greenwood (stories that have also been turned into a wonderful BBC drama: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and the Adam Dalgliesh mysteries by P.D. James, among many others.

Bingo! Two more series just waiting to be devoured.

Try NoveList. It works!


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Bullet Journaling with a Planner

Dear Fellow Journalers,

There are some people who obsess about all the things they have to do. Oftentimes they write their “to do” stuff on post-it notes that find temporary homes on either a refrigerator or a bathroom mirror. Let’s face it, unless you like to put your makeup on or shaving while dodging those colorful 3″x5″ pieces of paper there is a better way.

Here’s how several BuJo aficionados combine journaling with planning:

Meal Planning – there are some women who absolutely excel at this task. Sometimes, I admit, I dislike this chore intensely. However one woman took her planner and using some spots that were open used them to pencil in menu ideas. After about a week, she found this habit became her monthly menu.

Schedule – If  you get in the habit of writing in your appointments right away you’ll know where you have to be. One young man learned the hard way when he failed to do this and missed several client meetings.

To Do- ah those pesky things we keep in the back of our minds that remind me of that song from The Thomas Crown Affair. Be sure that you write down the fun things you want to do also!

Blank pages- one woman swears by this! She found herself keeping unrelated lists all over the place and finally corralled them in her planner. The lists were book lists, house projects and gift ideas.

So, as you can see, having a place for things really does help. The trick is to keep writing them down!






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