A list of favorites

Dear Fellow Journalers,

One of the suggested pages in a Music Journal is a list of your favorite music. If you’re an owner of a tablet or a subscriber to a app, you know it’s easy to keep track of the music you like to listen to and play it at a moment’s notice. As promised, the below is a list of my favorites. Oh, and by the way,  Mary Beth has weighed in also.

~Sallie’s Favorites~

Acapella –       any song by “Straight no Chasers”

Christian –      “All are Welcome” by Marty Haugen, “Beyond the Moon and Stars” and “Here I am Lord” both by Dan Schutte

Christmas – any

Country – ” Old Blue Chair” by Kenney Chesney

Irish –         “The Patriot Game” and “I’m a free born man of the traveling people” by Liam Clancy and any others by Clancy Brothers

Movie themes – “Magnificent Seven”, “Rudy”, “Quigley Down Under”

Nature –         Ocean and forest sounds

TV opening and closing credits – Bonanza, Laramie and Airwolf

~Mary Beth~

Christian – Go tell it on the Mountain”

Christmas -any

Country – any from John Denver and Peter, Paul and Mary


Music Journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Do you listen to music while you work? What type of music do you listen to when you’re sad? How many times a day do you practice an instrument? Some of these questions pop up when you start researching the topic of music journaling. Now it’s long been believed that music changes behavior and mood., but did you know that music can reduce physical pain as well?

The different types of music genre (romantic, spiritual, fast-paced, rock and more) stimulate the brain functions. We all know that listening to happy songs make us feel happier and that upbeat get us tapping our feet to the beat.

A Music Journal can be many things -a record of favorite songs, practice dates, or a general study of how much music affects you.

Today’s post is an interactive one. In order to continue this series, I need your help. Below is a list of music genre (not complete, by any means). Just go down the list and write down your favorite song/hymn next to the genre. Then email me or comment. Next week we’ll tackle some questions about what you really hear when you listen to music.

Country, Classical, Rock and Roll, Nature, Motion Picture themes (Romance, Western, Drama), TV shows, Christian, Christmas, Dance, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Children, Opera, Electronic, Popular, Romance.

Happy listening,


P.S. My next post will have a list of my favorites and the writers of this blog.


Books on Creativity

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Fill in the blanks: “The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll ______.”

As you know, I’m a fan of Good Reads so when I want to research the topic Creativity I did find quite a few for you to check out. Here’s the link!


Happy reading!



Creativity -do you have it?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Why are some people creative, imaginative or innovative while others fail at trying to be original? How come some people can consistently “think outside the box” while others choose the safe and narrow road? And finally, why are there so few people who are naturally curious while others aren’t? In my view, the answers to these questions lie in the way people view the world they live in. Oh, they start out curious and full of adventure but along the way they get scared of being wrong, doing a risky thing or are uncomfortable in the face of doing something different.

A friend of mine cautioned his son in his career choice saying that he needed to have  “back up plan” if his first choice didn’t work out. His photography “hobby” was one thing but it wouldn’t “pay the bills”. As it turned out, the young man took some college courses in marketing, media and research and computer science and now has his own successful studio.

I always associated creativity with the arts but the concept outweighs the subject. You can be creative in just about anything you do. I ‘re-discovered creativity in other forms of expression during the past month by accident.

“Long ago, in a Galaxy far away” I was a fan of western tv shows. My favorite shows included Bonanza and the Virginian and then I grew up. Well, while visiting a family member in the hospital last month I found an internet site that featured fan- based tv/movie fan fiction. These creative stories are written by folks who take the tv/movie shows a bit farther, enhancing the character so to speak. Most of the stories are written based on the show as portrayed on the screen while others are entirely a work of fiction. I found them, for the most part to be extremely creative and they helped me pass the time. Another creative outlet presented itself when I ‘re-discovered an old cookbook and began experimental dishes.

Creativity is all around us, we just have to discover the curious child within ourselves and balance our life’s choices. We may loose our sense of imaginative thoughts but I don’t think we ever outgrow it.

Happy Discoveries,




Dear Fellow Journalers,

Deepest apologies! Between the flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and various other illnesses, word one on this blog has not been written. We’ve been sick since January 8th. Recovery slow but steady. New posts probably coming your way end of month.


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