Word Ghosts and Saint Theresa of Calcutta


” If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

Saint Theresa (Mother)

Time Capsule Journal – Maroney style

Dear Fellow Journalers,

It had been awhile since I had heard from MaryBeth, so I sent her an email – you know the type “What’s up?” And life at the Maroney homestead has been , well eventful (deaths, job changes, accidents, awards, holidays, life!) Anyway, when I responded with the journal post schedule for the rest of the year she suggested that the Time Capsule Journal fit in perfectly with the events of the last year. “We actually made a Time Capsule”, she wrote me. “It was a school project last December, but we expanded on the theme and made it a family project. Let me share our journey with your readers.” So here is the story:

” Tim came running into the house one day before Christmas break. He was so excited about a class project that the teacher had assigned. “Mom.” he exclaimed, “we have to make a Time Capsule for class. I need a can and a shovel!” Well, after I read the teacher’s instructions, I realized that it was going to be more challenging than just finding a soup can. I brought up the subject at dinner that night and as usual the whole clan decided to make a family time capsule. I do have to admit, I was the only one who decided to write about it.

I asked Tim to tell his siblings what the teacher had told them about what a time capsule was. The teacher had introduced a book to the class entitled “Cartboy and the Time Capsule” by L. A. Campbell. She had explained that people made time capsules at all times of the year: back to school, New Years, new baby etc. She had given them a list of things that might go in their time capsules.

We decided to help Tim with his project first, and make The Maroney Time Capsule later. I wasn’t sure how to write about the adventure because a time capsule doesn’t describe your feelings only facts. Since Tim’s project was going to be a short-term event, I decided to write a weekly time capsule journal. Little did I know, that when we finally started our own, it was to become much more complicated.  More later….”   M.B.

‘Til next time,


Word Ghosts remember…

There was once a song:



A perspective piece- The Book

Dear Fellow Journaler,

We haven’t heard from “G” lately but he has been following the blog and has some insight to share:


Here’s a good thing to do:

Go buy yourself a blank page diary book. Now I don’t know about you but I have neither the time or inclination to keep a diary. If you do , GO AHEAD !

But for the rest of us, just write a sentence or two, describing the day.

Then, take a black marker and / or a yellow highlighter.

Mark the upper right hand corner of the page with a yellow line for a good day, black line for a bad one.

At the end of the book, more often if you choose, compare yellow against black.

If more yellow than black —– Congrats !!

If more black than yellow—- you NEED to change your life !!


Memorial Day

May we never forget those who gave their lives so that we might live in Freedom!


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