The Great Sleepover

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Have you ever dreamt of spending the night in a library? Turns out that the Gladstone Library in Northern Wales, UK is your “Dream come true”. This library, which doubles as a bed and breakfast is 130 years old. There are 36 rooms and each comes with its own collection of books. Guests can stay at the library for one night or months at a time! The library offers many workshops such as the “Writer’s in Residence” and “Writing Animals” all open to anyone at any skill level. Authors share tips and tricks of the trade during a program called “Hearth” which is offered in either November or February each year.

The food offerings vary from locally sourced food to afternoon tea to a traditional Celtic lunch on Sunday.

So, if you’re of a mind and you’re traveling overseas, check out (no pun intended!) The Gladstone Library.


Just a little die cut and voila!

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I an so “in love” with this new way to make a journal that I plan on making them for Christmas presents for my friends! I will also include the instruction (pdf) you email me!!




A traveler writes a journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following is a snippet of a conversation the traveler Adam Hachlander had with Sara Barnes of MyModernMet in May 2019. If you’re interested in reading the whole article, please email me.

QUESTION: What inspired you to start keeping a Travel Journal?

ANSWER: “I used to love adventure movies, especially those like Indiana Jones when I was a teenager. I liked the idea of having all your observations and memories noted down in a tiny notebook that I could always have on myself.”

QUESTION:How do you choose what to write/sketch about?

ANSWER: “I always try to note down something interesting or an interesting fact that I’ve learned, then something about the local culture”.

QUESTION:Do you take a lot of photos?

ANSWER: (My observations regarding his answer-I think he would rather draw his memories but finds that the camera is a nuisance unless he has to use it.) “I may be forced to take a few pictures and then document the page later.”

QUESTION: What do you think the benefits are to journaling your trips?”

Answer: The biggest benefit is definitely the ability to track down any of your experiences, memories, and observations.”



A look back ~ Why write a Travel Journal?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

“Every trip consists of two simultaneous journeys. The outer journey and the inner journey. The outer journey is everything external: what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, doing etc. The inner journey is what’s happening in your mind. Great travel journals weave the two journeys together.”  David Fox

I was going to start this month’s blog posts with the simple “the journey begins with the first step” but after reading the above, I realized that this type of journal means so much more than a flippant “remark” everyone has heard before. We’ve all taken journeys, haven’t we? Some of us took journeys to other states for family vacations or to attend college. Some of us have traveled abroad for business or pleasure. How many of us have souvenirs of those trips? How many of us have written a diary of that trip?

I wish I’d kept notes from my first trip to view colleges in states far from my own. If pressed, I could recall the different sights and sounds of life being lived in Maine or Virginia. I can remember how cold it was one winter in Minnesota and walking above a sidewalk inside a mall!

Far too often, I feel, we grab a passport, pack a bag and  after checking off the hundreds of tiny details to close up a home (temporarily) leave without a thought to writing anything down while on our fabulous trip.

So, this summer I propose a challenge in writing our travel journal. I know you’re thinking why do I want to do this? Your future self will thank you. Next week I’ll share some thoughts on how to create the journal as you travel.

‘Til next time,


Travel with a purpose

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Last year I wrote and shared some ideas about creating a travel journal. I was skeptical at first but I became aware as time went on, that many of you actually liked the ideas I found and began your own travel/adventure journal.

So this year I have decided to revisit this topic. I will not ‘re-write the posts but instead tackle this topic from a new perspective. I hope you enjoy the ride! As always, please share your comments with us. We make this journey we all live together.

Have you ever thought about travelling but you felt something was holding you back?  Maybe you need something to kick start your motivation – some purpose for you to grab a suitcase and plan a trip. Here are some purposeful motivators:

  1. Take a food tour. The Food Channel is always presenting recipes from different cultures. Why not research the destination and cuisine as well?

  2. Try a wine or beer tour. Many local farms offer samples and may allow a fantastic tour through the brewing process.

  3. Sign up for a photography class. Many are offered through adult education classes. You’ll learn how to take great pictures which will enhance your destination and ultimately your journal.

4.Attend a sporting event. If money allows, you could go to an event in another state or even country ( like the Olympics).

  1. Take a hike. You can bike/hike trails in almost every state and take that camera with you!

  2. Learn another language. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to say Italy, you’ll be better prepared to order you new favorite meal (see #1).

  3. Go whitewater rafting or for more daring journalists, zip lining.

  4. Search out coral reefs or go scuba diving.

  5. Follow history. One of the most interesting trails is one I took in Boston Massachusetts years ago. I took a hike on the Freedom Trail.

  6. Visit the setting of one of your favorite books or series. It will bring the story alive for you. In her book “The Wilder Life,”, author Sarah Miller describes her journey following Laura Ingalls Wilder’s journey on the frontier.

  7. If you’re a film buff, travel to locations where your favorite movie or tv show was filmed. Many people are ‘re-reading and ‘re-enacting Jane Austen’  “Pride and Prejudice”.

  8. Investigate your heritage. After researching your ancestors, check out their homes.

Happy traveling,

~ Sallie

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