How to journal during COVID -19

Dear Fellow Journalers,


This is an excellent video. Please watch it.



Keeping an envelope album

Dear Fellow Journalers,

If you’re running out of paper and want to continue keeping a journal try this:



Envelope Album
by Helen Gullett

Use everyday envelopes to make a keepsake album.


Envelopes (5” x 6.5” Paper Studios Kraft Envelopes from Hobby Lobby used here)
Permanent adhesive (liquid glue used here)
Scrapbook paper (an assortment of 6” x 6” papers used here)
Envelope Punch Board
Bone folder

Step 1
Select a number of envelopes in the same size (for the sample, ten 5” x 6.5” envelopes were used).

Work with the envelopes in pairs. Open the flap of one envelope with the front of the envelope facing up. Add glue to the flap. Lay the second envelope face down, aligning the edges.

Repeat the same steps with the remaining envelopes, reserving two which will be used for the front and back covers of the album.

Step 2
To add the album front, glue the flap of one envelope pair and insert it into the cover envelope as shown. Make sure it aligns well with the edges, the flap, and the inside of the envelope.

Fold over and make sure the glue is secure and the envelopes are lined up straight.

Step 3
Put glue on the flap that is on the outside.

Insert it into the envelope opening, and make sure it is glued flat inside the envelope.

Step 4
To continue adding pages to the envelope, glue the outside flap of the next envelope pair and insert the flap into the back envelope on the album as shown. Repeat for as many envelope pairs as remain.

Check alignment with each addition, and press the spine of the album together to keep it flat, using a bone folder if needed.

Step 5
To add the back cover, put glue on the outside flap of the remaining envelope, and tuck it into the back of the album.

Step 6
The album is ready to decorate.

Step 7
If you want a more decorative album or a specific size, use the Envelope Punch Board. Use the guide on the punch board to determine your paper size and scoring measurements.

For the sample, the papers were cut to 6” x 6”. Instructions on the board were followed to create twelve 3” x 4” envelopes.

Step 8
For this mini album add glue to the inside flap of an envelope.

Flip the envelope and insert the flap into the previous envelope. Continue with the remaining envelopes.

Step 9
On the last envelope, glue the entire flap from the first envelope and wrap it around to the back. Press firmly to make sure all the inner envelopes attach to this flap.

The mini album is ready to decorate.

Step 10
Complete the project.



Just a little die cut and voila!

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I an so “in love” with this new way to make a journal that I plan on making them for Christmas presents for my friends! I will also include the instruction (pdf) you email me!!




Index card mini binder

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following blog post is pretty awesome. Check it out!



My versatile index card mini binder is very handy.


It’s small and compact, and I can change the cards around, or add or remove cards whenever I need to.

Because it has covers, the index cards are protected.

I like using index cards because they are sturdier than paper, are very inexpensive, and come already cut to size.

You can even buy colored index cards, which I used to make dividers.


If you use the unlined index cards, you can make a nice little drawing book or notebook for your kids to use when traveling.


I was able to find the index cards in Dollar Tree, and I only needed 2 packages. I could have used just one package, but I wanted colored cards for dividers.


Index Cards

Binder Rings

Cardboard from Recycled Cereal or Cracker Box

Paper to Cover the Cardboard

Ribbon – Optional

Embellishment – Optional

Mod Podge or White Glue

Hole Punch

How to Make an Index Card Mini Binder.

1. Cut the cardboard a little larger than the index cards. I used 5 3/8 inches by 3 1/8 inches.

You don’t need to make the binder ring edge wider because the edge of the covers and cards need to be flush there.


2. Make the decorative paper for the outside of the covers about 1 inch larger than the covers.

I used 6 1/2 inches by 4 inches. Cut 2.

3. Cut 2 inside cover papers a little smaller than the covers.

I used 5 1/8 inches by 1 7/8 inches.

4. Apply glue or Mod Podge to one side of a cover card board.

Center the cardboard over the wrong side of an outside paper.


Press firmly all over to adhere.

Repeat with the other cover.

5. Draw a triangle across each of the 4 corners on both covers – as shown.


6. Cut the corners off.


7. Score, fold, and crease all 4 paper edges next to the cardboard.


8. Apply glue or Mod Podge to all 4 edges and smooth them over the cardboard.


9. Apply Mod Podge to the wrong side of the inside paper and center it over the uncovered side of the cardboard.


Smooth it onto the inside cover.

Repeat with the second cover.

10. Put the covers between 2 sheets of wax paper and lay something heavy on top to flatten them.

After a half hour or so, remove the covers and let them finish air drying.

Prepare the Cards for the Index Card Mini Binder.

1. Decide how many cards you want to use and how many dividers you need, (if any).


2. Decide where you want to put the holes.

I put the holes about 1 1/8 inch from each side edge.

3. Use 1 of the index cards for a template and punch the holes. Lay this template on the other cards to mark where to punch them.


Use clothespins to hold 3 or 4 cards together and punch them all at once.

Finish the Binder Covers.

1. Line the index card template up with the edge of the cover that needs the holes.

Center it so that there is an equal amount of cover on each side of the index card.

2. Mark the holes.  Punch the holes.


3. Attach a co-ordinating ribbon around the top cover, using double sided tape on the ends.

Overlap the ends off-center.

4. Attach the decoration.

I used 2 different colors and sizes of foam flowers and attached them with a snowflake brad – which kind of matched the fireworks in the paper design.

To attach, poke a hole through all the layers of flowers and the cover, and insert the brad.


Put the Index Card Mini Binder Together.

Arrange the index cards with the colored ones interspersed among the white cards wherever you need to divide them.

You can lay the index card mini binder flat


or open the pages and stand it up.



I didn’t put tabs on the dividers because I wanted to be able to stand the index card mini binder up, and the tabs would get bent.

You could put tabs on the sides, but the colored cards are easy to see and access, so I didn’t bother.

You can find binder rings in different sizes in Walmart or an office supply store.

You could put 3 binder rings across if you want to.

You could make a larger index card binder by using the 5×7 index cards and 3 binder rings.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

Copyright – 2014 by Uniquelyyourscraftjournal

All rights reserved.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given

To Sallie and uniquelyyourscraftjournal with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

You may reach Sallie at

Wrapping paper organizer

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Ok, so you’ve organized your cards and your gift ideas now it’s time to take the last step -wrapping paper. Now to some people, wrapping presents is akin to waiting in the dentist office. You know you have to do “it” but you want it to be a painless a procedure as possible. Some of us are better at this than others, some of us know exactly where we left the ribbons and the rest of us have bows in one place, no paper and tape in a desk drawer.

Before we get carried away, I thought a little quiz might alleviate the stress that is  beginning to emanate your body

Gift wrap style quiz: What kind of wrapper are you?
By Trish Berrong on December 15, 2017

Extensive and super-scientific Hallmark research indicates that people who wrap presents fall into specific, well-documented categories. Knowing your type can be helpful in your gift-giving experiences. To help you identify your gift wrap style, please keep track of your answers and compare them to the results below.

Note: The research is super-scientific. This quiz is… not.


I like my gift wrap like I like my wardrobe:
A. Fabulous and beautifully accessorized.
B. A perfect expression of creativity and personality.
C. Simple and practical.
D. As long as everything is covered up, we’re good, right?

My favorite place to get gift wrap is…
A. Well-stocked gift-wrap aisles, party and card specialty stores, and adorable boutiques.
B. Craft stores, card and paper shops, and thrift or vintage stores.
C. From people thoughtful enough to open their presents without tearing the paper.
D. Um…in the same place I stop on the way to the party to get the gift.

My favorite presents to wrap are…
A. Wedding and baby shower gifts. I love making sure they stand out on the gift table.
B. Simple gifts with stories behind them. I turn opening the present into part of the experience.
C. The ones that fit in bags. Fluff some tissue paper and done.
D. The ones that come with a bow already on top.

When there are gifts to wrap, you’ll find me…
A. At a dining room table piled high with coordinating paper, ribbons, bows, and attachments.
B. In my craft room, surrounded by stacks of kraft paper and art supplies.
C. Digging through my stash for occasion-appropriate wrap and not-too-wrinkled tissue paper.
D. In the car, peeling the stickers off a just-purchased gift bag.

When wrapping presents, my philosophy is:
A. Presentation is everything: It’s the way you make a great first impression with your gift!
B. Gift wrap is the pre-show. It should be fun and get someone excited about opening their present.
C. Wrapping is a necessary part of the gift—it’s there to protect the present or the surprise.
D. I’m supposed to have a philosophy about gift wrap?

I get inspiration for wrapping gifts from…
A. YouTube videos on “how to tie a fancy bow” and “how to wrap like a pro.”
B. Everywhere. Art is all around us.
C. The size of the gift, the wrap I have handy, and the time I have until the party.
D. An overwhelming sense of urgency and panic.

Scoring & Recommendations
Total the number of answers you had for each letter, and find your gift wrap style below. Please note that many people exhibit traits of more than one style, depending on the occasion, recipient, and other contextual cues. It is not unusual to present with more than one gift wrap style.

PREDOMINANTLY A: Perfect Presenter
For you, finding just the right present is only part of the fun. You get giddy about coordinating your wrap with the bride’s colors, the baby shower theme, the birthday kiddo’s favorite super hero, or the hostess’s kitchen décor. You can do totally tasteful or all the way over the top—or anything in between—depending on the occasion. You may or may not have a selection of different kinds of tape to use on different types of paper.

Recommended for you:

Definitely check out the Hallmark Signature gift wrap collection. From playful to fancy and super-cute to totally luxe, this selection of wrapping paper, gift bags, and accessories was made with you in mind.
Our Giftology series is full of tips and tricks, like how to build a gift tower and add a sash to a gift.

MOSTLY B: Gift Wrap Artist
When it comes to gift giving, you always think outside the box. Maybe you’ll decorate your own paper. Or DIY some tassels or pom poms. Or incorporate a little add-on gift into the wrap. Or you might create a complex, clue-filled quest to build excitement for the lucky recipient. Whether you go trendy and minimalist or decorated to the max, wrapping presents is one big happy creative exercise for you.

Recommended for you:

Collections like Eclectic Kraft and Bright & Modern were created by designers and artists like you. They’re full of complementary colors and textures, so they go together without being matchy-matchy.
Want DIY ideas? See how to make a tassel or flowers from tissue paper to decorate a present.

SERIOUSLY C: Thrifty Gifter
Your gift closet is as well-equipped as any wrapping paper section in a store, and it’s the first place you “shop” when there’s a party. Your senses tingle when there’s a stock-up sale. And there’s no shame in your re-gift-bagging game. But that doesn’t mean you’re less thoughtful—in fact, you’re a very generous gift giver. And your practical approach means you’ve always got the right wrap on hand for any present and every occasion.

Recommended for you:

You are the reason we put cut lines on our paper, make reversible wrap, and created wrapping paper pads.
Check out tips and tricks for organizing your closet gift wrap stash and solutions to 6 common gift-wrapping dilemmas.

PRETTY MUCH ALL D: Rushed Wrapper
You’re a kind, thoughtful friend. You know your mom’s favorite perfume, the artist your sister likes, and your best friend’s preferred adult beverage. But you’ve got a lot going on. This thing about getting a gift and making it fancy? What are you, an elf? It’s not that you’re against wrapping presents—you’ve just got too many thumbs and too little time.

Recommended for you:

When it’s important to make something look like an intentional, pre-planned gift, there are easy solutions. Try sticking on some curly ribbon, or adding a gift tag or tassel.

Well, believe it or not there is a way to organize wrapping paper! Hallmark, “The Card People” have solutions. Here is one that is pretty nifty:

So, now that you are all organized you are ready for whatever comes your way in 2019!


P.S. Next week, some ideas about gifting food!

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