A traveler writes a journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following is a snippet of a conversation the traveler Adam Hachlander had with Sara Barnes of MyModernMet in May 2019. If you’re interested in reading the whole article, please email me.

QUESTION: What inspired you to start keeping a Travel Journal?

ANSWER: “I used to love adventure movies, especially those like Indiana Jones when I was a teenager. I liked the idea of having all your observations and memories noted down in a tiny notebook that I could always have on myself.”

QUESTION:How do you choose what to write/sketch about?

ANSWER: “I always try to note down something interesting or an interesting fact that I’ve learned, then something about the local culture”.

QUESTION:Do you take a lot of photos?

ANSWER: (My observations regarding his answer-I think he would rather draw his memories but finds that the camera is a nuisance unless he has to use it.) “I may be forced to take a few pictures and then document the page later.”

QUESTION: What do you think the benefits are to journaling your trips?”

Answer: The biggest benefit is definitely the ability to track down any of your experiences, memories, and observations.”



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