Do you wear costumes?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

This is a copy of a post written in 2015!

Today is Halloween. When I was a youngster, the entire month of October was filled with thoughts and planning on my costume for the big event and all the candy we kids were going to get.

I got to thinking the other day about costumes. In a sense, we all still wear costumes. Think about it- costumes make you feel confident ( I used to wear a certain necklace my Grandmother gave me when I went on interviews or had a presentation to make.) can change your perspective and perhaps your life.
Some costumes involve REAL clothing (“Clothing makes the man”.) Clothing can include jewelry, watches, ties, hair coloring, makeup, plastic surgery – all these things can enhance a costume.

Why wear costumes at all? One of my friends says “What you see is what you get” and she is not far off. I don’t think there is a pretentious bone in her body. What are we afraid of? Are we letting our thoughts control our emotions so that we put on fake persona and become other people?
Will the REAL __________ please stand up!

‘Til next time,


An interview with John Grisham

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I always find it interesting to read about authors and their perspectives. Here is John Grisham…

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Long Story Short with John Grisham
By Emma Cubellis|September 13, 2019

When describing your identity, does the word “reader” find a place on that list? Ours, too. Which is why we’re so fascinated by the reading habits, histories, and preferences of other readers. Long Story Short offers a glimpse into authors’ lives as readers — from the people who helped them fall in love with reading to their all-time favorite books. Read on for this week’s installment of Long Story Short with bestselling author John Grisham, whose new book, The Guardians, hits shelves October 15.

  1. The person who helped me fall in love with reading was: my mother. She did not like television, so I grew up in a home filled with library books.

  2. One book I love to give as a gift is: Okay this might sound a bit self-centered, but I kept about 100 first editions of A Time to Kill. They are quite rare. Once or twice a year I give one as a gift.

  3. If I could write like one other author, it’d be John Steinbeck, my all-time favorite because: he wrote about the little guy, and he did so with such clarity.

  4. One book I think deserves more attention is The Little Drummer Girl by John le Carré because: I love the book, and it had a profound impact on me as a writer, and it is still timely.

  5. The friends I always turn to for reading recommendations is Talmage Boston because: he’s a lawyer/writer in Dallas and reads everything. And my wife, Renee. We compare notes on books everyday.

  6. If I’m not enjoying a book, I put it down — too many books, too little time. I will give any book I start 50 pages to hold my attention. Sometimes 100. After that, I will happily toss it and pick up the next one in my pile.

  7. One book that absolutely shocked me was American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins because: I just read an advanced copy. The book will be published in January. It is the astonishing story of a mother and child fleeing Mexico and trying to get to the border.

  8. My favorite place to read is: On the porch, in the summer, with coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon.

  9. If I could only read one book for the rest of my life, it’d be: Why would I want to do that?

  10. The book I’m currently reading is: The Border by Don Winslow, and the aforementioned American Dirt, and Race Against Time by Jerry Mitchell.

Courtesy of BookBub



The Awakening ~ Part 11

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Part 11:

You learn to be thankful and to take comfort in many of the simple things we take for granted; things that millions of people upon the earth can only dream about; a full refrigerator, clean running water, a soft warm bed, a long hot shower.

Slowly, you begin to take responsibility for yourself, by yourself and you make yourself a promise to never betray yourself and to never settle for less than your heart’s desire. You hang a wind chime outside your window so you can listen to the wind, and you make it a point to keep smiling, to keep trusting, and to stay open to every wonderful possibility.

Finally, with courage in your heart and with God by your side, you take a deep breath and you begin to design the life you want to live as best you can.


The Awakening ~Part 10

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Part 10

You learn to fight for your life and not to squander it living under a cloud of impending doom. You learn that life isn’t always fair, you don’t always get what you think you deserve and that sometimes bad things happen to unsuspecting good people. On these occasions, you learn not to personalize things. You learn that God isn’t punishing you or failing to answer your prayers; it’s just life happening.

You learn to deal with evil in its most primal state; the ego. You learn that negative feelings such as anger, envy, and resentment must be understood and redirected or they will suffocate the life out of you and poison the universe that surrounds you. You learn to admit when you are wrong and to build bridges instead of walls.


The Awakening ~Part 9

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Part 9

You learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for and that wishing for something to happen, is different from working toward making it happen.

More importantly, you learn that in order to achieve success you need direction, discipline and perseverance. You also learn that no one can do it all alone and that it’s OK to risk asking for help.

You learn that the only thing you must truly fear is the great robber baron of all time; FEAR itself. You learn to step right into and  through your fears, because you know that whatever happens you can handle  it and to give in to fear, is to give away the right to live life on your terms.


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