The kid at Home Depot

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The other day I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some stuff, and remembered I needed a new screwdriver.

Turning into the tool aisle, I spotted a young boy, whom I would guess to be about 7 or 8, and his mother. This kid was pointing out various and asundry tools to his mom, and telling her their uses. I was impressed! I couldn’t name half those tools, let alone tell you what they did!

I listened intently. This kid was rattling this off like other kids would rattle off baseball stats, or maybe a litany of their favorite groups’ songs.

I couldn’t resist interacting with this kid.

Hey sport, can you tell me where to find the screwdrivers?

Flathead, Phillips, or combo?

Whoa! This kid is deadly!


Right over here mister.

He then proceeded to pick up one brand and model and explain why this was the one I needed to buy, even though it was more expensive.

In the background, I noticed his mother trying not to laugh as this kid gave a passionate lecture on screwdrivers.

Well sport, you sold me! This is the only one I’m buying. Tell me, why do you love tools so much?

Oh mister, do you know what you can do with tools? Do you know what you can build or fix? When I’m 10, my mom is going to buy me a whole tool kit. I can’t wait! (He said it with the passion of a kid waiting on their first car)

What’s the first thing you’re going to build? I asked.

Quickly he said: A kitchen table! Ours is a little wobbly, and I want our family to have a nice place to eat.

I got all emotional at his emotion.

His mom then explained that while other kids like to go to playgrounds or some such, her son only wanted a weekly trip to Home Depot.

Hey sport, this screwdriver you recommend so highly, you got one?

No, not yet, he said.

Well, you and your mom come with me to the front, because I’m buying 2, and giving one to you.

His mother protested, but I insisted.

When I gave the screwdriver to this amazing kid, you’d think I’d given him an   x-box or something!

Thanks mister, thanks a lot

Walking to my car, I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL kids showed such enthusiasm for life, and for what they’d wish to be their life’s’ work!?

This kid is going to build the future of America, and I’m proud to say I helped encourage him.



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