The final chapter

Dear Fellow Journalers,

… so begins MaryBeth’s final chapter on the Maroney Time Capsule Journal:

The Dedication Ceremony

     As you have probably guessed by now, we don’t do anything small – we are always looking for ways to incorporate our family values, capture the wonder of childhood and show our love for each other. When it came time to hide our time capsule, we didn’t want to just find a spot and hide it. We decided to have a small, memorable dedication ceremony. Over dinner one night (close to completion of the Time Capsule) we asked some questions of our kids and ourselves:

  • What made you choose to include_____
  • What memories do you hope to share with your future self by including ____
  • What part of making the Time Capsule did you enjoy the most?

When we finished our dessert (Maureen had progressed to cake baking by now and had earned her badge), we presented our children with their sealed letters and then we discussed where to hide our Time Capsule.

The Hiding Place

     Tim wanted to hide the time capsule outside but we dissuaded him. It rains a lot where we live and even though the “Box” was a heavy plastic bin, the contents could mold or decay in ten years’ time. We decided on the attic and carefully placed it near a rafter. My husband had made a label reading ” The Maroney Time Capsule – not to be opened until 2026.”

Tim was a little upset with our decision as his Time Capsule had been a decorated Popcorn can my husband had received from a client at work. We had almost finished off the last of the candy corn type so I had put the last bits in a Ziploc bag and cleaned out the inside of the can. He had decorated his with stickers and put it in his closet. But he cheerfully helped the rest of the family when it came to our decoration of The Maroney Time Capsule. We decoupaged ours with a collage of family items, copies of family pictures, drawings, awards, first driving license and pay check. We’d show it to you but we would have to climb over a lot of stuff to access it. Oh, and one final thought: put a note to yourself in your safe deposit box about the Time Capsule. Write down its exact location and when it is to be opened.

Ok, I know the final question you’re dying to ask is “Where did she put the journal?” …. and the answer is Inside the Time Capsule of course! Hope you enjoyed our Time Capsule Journal stories – now go make one of your own! M.B.

Thanks MaryBeth for your great perspective on the Time Capsule Journal!


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