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Dear Fellow Journalers,

“Every trip consists of two simultaneous journeys. The outer journey and the inner journey. The outer journey is everything external: what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling, doing etc. The inner journey is what’s happening in your mind. Great travel journals weave these two journeys together.”  Dave Fox

I was going to start this month’s blog posts with the simple, tried and true statement: ” The journey starts with the first step.” But after reading the above quote, I realized that this type of journal means so much more than a trite statement we all have heard a hundred times or more. We’ve all taken journeys haven’t we? Some of us took journeys to different states for family vacations or to attend college. Some of us have traveled abroad for business or pleasure. How many of us have souvenirs of those trips? How many of us have written “diaries” of those trips?

I wish I’d kept notes from my first trip to view colleges in states far from my own. If pressed I could recall the different sights and sounds of life being lived in Maine or Virginia. I can remember how cold it was one winter in Minnesota and walking on a sidewalk ABOVE the street in a Mall.

Far too often, I feel, we grab our passport, pack a bag and after checking off the hundreds of tiny details to close up our homes (temporarily ) we leave without a thought to writing anything down while on our fabulous trip. So, this summer, I propose we write a travel journal. I know you’re thinking why do I want to do this? Your future self will thank you. Next week I’ll share some thoughts on how to create the journal as you travel.

‘Til then, (I was going to end with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, theme song “Happy Trails to you” but again, we’ve heard that before too!)


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