Listen to your journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

We’re nearing the end of the worst years in history and how many of us are listening to our journals of days gone past? A timely post by a favorite blogger of mine.


Listen to Your Journal

Listening to your journal is a skill often neglected by the very people who would benefit from it. We write a lot in our journals, but then we put them on the shelf and forget about them. We are used to writing, asking to be heard, seen–praying for answers. We often miss the answer when it shows up. And it will show up. That’s one of the benefits of journaling

For a while, all the writing is pouring out of you in an endless flow. One day, you will find yourself thinking about what you are writing–the words aren’t pouring out on their own. You are paying attention. And all of a sudden, you write something interesting. Profound. An answer to a question you had. You are now in a deep connection to your own wisdom or a wisdom greater than yourself. You have tunneled deep enough to be away from the distraction, and you just dug up an important truth.

Truth is surprising. We recognize it and blink. Sometimes we wish it were something else. But the flash of recognition is the key. You will know. Maybe it’s not the answer you had hoped for, maybe it’s exactly what you need.

Your pen may race on, while your mind hangs on to the answer. You may not want to listen, but you will. You will be drawn back to those words, that flash of recognition. It can be an answer, a key to an answer, or simply a truth you have not believed.

And there it is, on the page in front of you. Underline it. Save it. You may have to finish your thought, your paragraph, your page, but the answer is right there.

You have created the start of a habit. A habit of writing and listening. And when you listen, you’ll find answers. You might have to write a long time to learn to trust yourself, but once you start to listen, you will hear your answers.

—Quinn McDonald is writing a book on inner heroes and inner critics.

Do you know a baker?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Do you remember last year’s posts about a recipe journal? Well, one of articles I read featured two craft ideas that are portable and easily deliverable to friends and family and this is the perfect time to share them with you:

Recipes as art:

Choose a variety of frames in the same color and print recipes to fit. You can print a photo with your phone or copy a recipe by hand. If you’re a crafter, you can even embellish the recipe by using stickers.

Heirloom Shadow Box:

Start with a shadow box (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)’. Paint a complimentary color to your recipient’s kitchen. Try to find a box that is 1″ deep. Add a picture frame hanger to the back at the top. Gather and arrange recipe cards, photos, kitchen utensils (craft store doll house department) and silk flowers. Glue contents to the box.

Don’t forget to attach a card.

~ Sallie

Have you lost it?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Have you lost your Christmas spirit? I read an article about the numbers of cases of Covid 19 in my state this morning and it truly frightened me. I’ve been practicing social distancing, wearing PPE etc. and have become a virtual hermit. The percentage of cases in my state this past November was 4.78 and now it is 6.61% YIKES!

This year will be so different – no parties, no Christmas Eve Services, no big family gatherings around the tree on Christmas morning and no holiday shopping. Strange as it may seem, I liked shopping during the season -maybe not the long lines but the spirit everyone seemed to have.

What do you do when you’ve lost your spirit? There’s a mantra I read on Facebook (of course) that states:


So what should we do? One thing for sure is stop writing negative and scary entries in your journal. Some ideas flooding the internet are:

Virtual video toasts, Virtual game nights, Host an outside meal, volunteer by contract free donating, If putting up a tree seems pointless, take a collection of ornaments or table top decorations and set them up on a table or mantle.

Make your own greeting cards for family and close friends. Play Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, bake a favorite holiday treat each weekend. Last weekend I made fudge; this weekend it will be Kaluha Brownies. And finally, make a pot of your favorite hot beverage, snuggle under a warm and cosy quilt and read a holiday book. I am currently reading a Debbie Macomber Mrs. Miracle.

~Happy Holiday Journaling,


Do you have enough time to create this?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

This month is stressful right? Why not take some time off to create a Christmas Junk Journal.



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