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Dear Fellow Journalers,

I am quite sure that there are hundreds of sites that feature everything I have not written about this month! Here are a few I found. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!







What to put in a Garden Journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

In the beginning of your journal you should create a diagram or map of what you intend to plant and where. As you plant perennials,  you might mark them on a base mark and copy it each year creating new plans for annuals.

A future wish list will help if your garden changes due to weather conditions such as floods, etc.

Plant information – seed catalogs, garden books, websites – these are useful.

Date seeds started because you can track performance.

Germination dates- the date you first see the plants emerge from the soil will help you understand your garden.

Weather information- you will want to make notes on the high and low temperatures for the day as well as precipitation and winds.

All of these things and much more are important things to put in your garden journal.

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Garden Journal Pages

Dear Fellow Journalers,

As I researched this topic more thoroughly, I found that a lot of gardeners embellish their pages with hand-made graphs and pictures of their flowers or produce. Here are some additional ideas from web sites and Pinterest.


Write a page onto a separate piece of paper and incorporate it into your journal page by using a seed envelope glued onto your page and tucking the journal page in it. You can download a seed packet from Print out your color, illustrate the front panel and glue to the back side the page. Slip in the journaling page and fill in the rest of the page.

Journal a flower- Cut colorful paper into petals and a stem. Write your page onto the shapes and glue onto the page.

Here are some sample pages from Google and Bing:

March 9th – We had more torrential rain overnight. I woke up to a flooded garden this morning, but this time a little more than the previous event.

March 12th – After all the rain, followed by a couple of spring days over the weekend, I couldn’t wait to get out to the garden. I wanted to plant flowers but I wrenched my shoulder and now I have to figure out another way.

March 15th – I just walked through the garden and there is a lot to be done. The garden is alive with wisps of flowers peeking through the soil.


garden_journal_5GARDEN-JOURNAL-W-SEEDSVegetable garden


Garden Journal quotes

Dear Fellow Journalers,

There are so many quotes about gardening on the internet so I picked my favorite ones to share with you.


” If you look the right way,  you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Frances Hodgson Burnett   “The Secret Garden”.

” A single rose can be my garden; a single friend, my world.”

Leo Buscaglia

” The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”


” A book should be a garden that fits in the hands, word petals of color. Stems of strength, roots of truth. Turn a page and turn the season. Read the sentence and enjoy the roses.”

Max Lucado

” Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle… A seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl. And the anticipation nurtures our dream.”

Barbara Winkler

” If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”


” May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun and find your shoulder to light upon.”

Irish Blessing

” April showers bring May flowers.”

Why is gardening good for you?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I have to admit it, I’m not a gardener. Oh, I have planted flowers and shrubs in my past life, but I’ve not got the patience for it. When I decided to write about the different types of journals that people write and found garden journals on the list of favorite types I was intrigued. I had no idea how popular they are. I discovered that most garden journalers write more than just what they plant. They realized during the process of planning, buying, tilling, planting and weeding that the very acts were good for them.

So, for all you garden journalers out there, here’s a consensus of why gardening is good for you:

1.  Beats depression: There was a study done on individuals who showed the common symptoms of depression. The subjects were instructed to tend a garden for 6 weeks. The very acts of digging, pruning, weeding, watering and observing “the fruits of their labor” gave them hope and a new zeal for life.

2.  Gardening is low-pact exercise – a new way to lose weight and lower blood pressure.

3.  All that digging and bending develops all the major muscles in the back and legs. You develop a stronger posture.

4.  Spending time (at least 1/2 hour a day) increases your intake of Vitamin D.

5.  Gardening relieves stress.

6.  A sense of calm becomes evident when you immerse yourself in nature.

7.  If you’re addicted to your devices, gardening will help you wean from your habit.

8.  Everyone is embracing the idea of organic foods. If you grow your own fruits/vegetables, you know you’ll be eating healthier.

9.  Besides eating healthier, you’ll save money at the grocery store.

10.  Your neighbors will appreciate your flowers and extra tomatoes and you’ll start new friendships.

11.  Tending to your own plot of land can encourage feelings of gratitude and a sense of awe as you come to admire creation and beauty of nature.

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