Have you read the book?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Do you ever read a book after you’ve seen the movie?

That would be a big “yup!” from me! So many times I’ve seen a movie review, been intrigued and then after watching the movie investigated whether or not the movie was based on a book and proceeded to read the book. For instance, our local library featured the movie “The 15:17 to Paris” earlier this year which led me to the book of the same name by one of the original participants Anthony Sadler. Another great movie was “The Finest Hours” which led me to “Into the Raging Sea” by the main character/participant Bernie Webber. “The Shack” led me to the book with the same title by William Paul Young and a documentary by Bill O’Reilly “Legends and Lies” which led me to his books about the old west and the patriots.

It goes on and on for me, but the same could lead us to a discussion of TV movies as well. In June of this year, BookBub featured an article “The Biggest Book to Movie Adaptation of the summer” that led me to  “A Dog’s Journey”, and “The Art of Racing in the rain”.

So, you see, it goes both ways. What have you read lately that brings you to a greater level of literary enjoyment?




Not long ago I started a Movie Journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

I was once asked, during a team-building meeting, what my favorite movie was. The question stymied me. I had/have so many favorite movies – one that I know the dialog before the actor(s) speak. I’m sure you do too.

Years ago, during the VHS days of television, we used to keep track of what we taped but as they say “life got in the way” and we forgot to mark the contents on the boxes but then those boxes got replaced by DVD’s! Still the problem remained- what did we have, were the movies destined to become favorites and why??

This journal type is a mixture of memories, fun and knowledge. Knowledge? Yup. Your favorite movie is your favorite movie because of several factors: action, drama, comedy and so on. What intrigued you the first time you watched ” Gone with the Wind?” Were you a Civil War buff or someone who loved romance movies? Did watching the movie make you want to learn more?

Getting ready to make popcorn,



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