The Sky’s the limit

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Have you ever felt that your journal is boring? I don’t mean to suggest that you are boring, I mean the content seems dry and repetitive. I got to thinking about this as I re-read some older pages in the creative journal I am writing in this month. As usual, when I bought a new “toy” I spent an inordinate amount of time researching how others used it. Then I experimented. I had started writing about the experience and found that my entries all read the same: “_____ is fantastic! Works with so many other things. Can’t wait to make a card using _____”

A lot of you have commented either publically on this blog or privately that you feel my posts have been interesting, valuable and motivational. Believe me, I try every day to keep your trust in me, but lately I wondered if my personal creative journal was going flat was my writing as well? Yikes! Having ideas in one of the most important parts of my craft. How do I keep the ideas flowing and do I really believe that there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored?

I did not want to wait for the magic flash of light. I needed to have a plan. Now the plan¬† I follow¬† is to gather information, write down notes, shape ideas, share them with others and write. Sounds simple doesn’t it but I was just repeating these steps. I needed to create a new box of ideas. So I went to the bookstore and found a couple of magazines I’d never read before. I found some articles that were interesting. I took a break from writing . I asked myself: “if I had all the time in the world, what would I create?”

That age-old question opened the floodgates for me and so began content journaling for 2016 and 2017.

‘Til next time,


Being open

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Do you live with curiosity?

When I was in college, one of my courses was Philosophy. Sometimes I found the concepts hard to understand, but I knew that I didn’t just exist (on earth) I also existed in my mind. I didn’t just drift through life, letting things/events happen to me. I had a right , my professor insisted, to decide how I would exist. I had to decide to be open to the world I lived in.

Being open can be hard. Being closed off from new ideas is comfortable, easy and not full of challenges. Not exactly the way we creative persons want to live. To be open is to live with a sense of curiosity, where every moment is an opportunity for learning, seeing things both as they really are and how they could be. Being open means that I expand my mind to new medias of expression in drawing, prose, poetry, charts, personal growth, inner child work and my potential.

One of my new resolutions is to take more classes from crafting “experts” both via the traditional and on-line u-tube formats.

I decided to use sketches in my journal and experiment with color. I also added my thoughts about the ideas and my feelings about my progress.

‘Til next time,



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