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Dear Fellow Journalers,

I won’t begin to tell you how many prayer quotes there are!Every religious sect has hundreds. So I hope these few will serve as a stepping off point for you to explore (share if you wish) as you travel your faith journey.


Pope Francis says that prayer is like “speaking to a friend; in prayer one opens one’s heart.”

“The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him.” ¬†William McGill

“Saying one’s prayers Isn’t exactly the same thing as praying.” L.M. Montgomery -“Anne of Green Gables”

“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” Mother Teresa

Prayer journal web sites

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Are you looking for inspiration? Try these prayer journal sites.


Prayer Journal

Dear Fellow Journalers,

One of my favorite books is “The Bridge” by Karen Kingsbury. It is a story about the relationship of people with a bookstore. Metaphorically speaking, it’s also about the connection (bridge) we cross toward the acceptance of ourselves and our creative and spiritual life. “The Bridge gives people a path to worlds they wouldn’t otherwise experience.” (Chapter 3)

A Prayer Journal’s purpose, like many other journals, is to express what is bothering you, what your gripes are, the big issues in your life, your fears. The journal gives you the opportunity to reveal your true self – not the one that hides behind the proverbial “I’m fine” saying you tell others. As you write, you delve into the deepest part of yourself. Some days you must stop and evaluate. Some days you feel yourself so overwhelmed with really strong emotions. On those days, stop, breathe, evaluate and then continue writing.

Prayer journaling is an ongoing conversation with God. Be sure to listen for that still, small voice.”

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