10 Things to do

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Back last year, I read a fascinating article about 10 things to do to improve your life. I’m all about changing and improving – that’s why I create. So here are the suggestions:

1.  Get out in nature. Actually, I kind of like this idea. You don’t have smog, honking horns, just plain noise in general. Peace and quiet – time to think my own thoughts and hear my own voice.

2.  Exercise. We all know the physical benefits but did you know that you could feel happier about your life by climbing those extra stairs?

3.  Spend time with friends and family. A Harvard Happiness Expert (bet you didn’t know there was such a thing!) by the name of Daniel Gilbert was quoted as saying that “one of the biggest sources of happiness in our lives is spending time with friends and family.”  Last year, my husband spent almost a month in the hospital over Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was a cancer diagnosis and surgery. There was also chemo. Friends from as far away as CA, IL, and FL and those close by were the angels that held us up. I now have a greater appreciation for family and friends and spend lots of time with both.

4.  Express Gratitude – remember to practice random acts of kindness and give back to your community.

5.  Mediate. Being quiet in the moment can still  your anxious heart, help you focus and reduce tension. Even if you’re not religious, prayer is a type of mediation.

6.  Get enough sleep. Burning the candle at both ends can wear you out and your immune system can melt down.

7.  Challenge yourself to learn more things; take a risk; sit next to an unknown person in your company and try reading a book from a different genre.

8.  Know greater joy in your family and your world. When you know what happiness is and share it, you become a Happiness Ambassador.

9.  Touch someone – this means hug someone. We don’t live in a vacuum and I really believe that we are not destined to become like Howard Hughes.

  1. Be optimistic – the glass is 1/2 full; the grass is green on your side of the fence. If you choose to look on life as a place of opportunity, your won’t be a downer.

So, when all is said and done, these ideas seem pretty simple, don’t they? My challenge to us then, is to try these ideas out and let the rest of us know how it’s going. We can all use some more joy and happiness, don’t you think?


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