What is a home?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The word “home” means so much to all of us. Here is Paul‘s observation:

What is a home? A home is so much more than the structure you live in. Home means different things depending on who the inhabitants may be. A shell is a home to a snail or turtle, an apartment is home to a family or couple, a dormitory is home to a college student, a palace is home to a king or queen, a cabin is home to a hunter or pioneer, a hotel is temporary longings to a vacationer or traveler. Homes are large and homes are small. A home can be found in your neighborhood, in a country, town or city, in a fairy tale, in a setting of a novel, or in your imagination. Homes are almost everywhere. No matter where or what type of home it may be, all homes have one thing in common. Home is where the heart is.

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  1. P Cole
    Jun 24, 2015 @ 21:03:24

    Hi Sallie,Attached is an article or should I say it’s a poem about books that I thought would be appropriate for your blog in July. I know that people we be reading books this summer whether it be for pleasure on vacation or for required summer reading for school. I hope you enjoy it. I wrote this one rather quickly. Please, feel free to let me know what you think.Thanks and talk to you soon.Paul

     Good Companions and Finest Friends Of All With books to read, I never can be lonely,For books are friends who show the world to me.There are some that take me on a magic carpet To strange and beautiful lands across the ocean or sea. Around the world I travel in a minuteTo hot and burning deserts or Antarctic cold;I can ride upon an elephant or camel Or go a hunting tigers, lions or bears, brave and bold. I can travel back in time to another place to Mount OlympusOr Colonial America, or old Egypt in the valley of the Nile;I can fly ahead in time upon a moonship or rocketAnd visit every planet for a while. There are times when I prefer to read a storyThat might happen to my friends or even me;Or perhaps I want a book to make me chuckle or cryOr a tale of pioneers going out West or pirates roving over the sea. Whatever kind of story I am seeking, Some book friend comes in answer to my call;That is why I say, and hope you will believe me,That books can be good companions and the finest friends of all.



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