The Magic Box

Dear Fellow Journalers,

It’s 4:30 pm on a steamy hot day and I need to “chill out.” I could knit, put a puzzle together, or read a book. The choices are really endless. My choice is made. I will open the Magic Box of my childhood.  This box contains 64 delightful creative “toys” each one made to inspire the artist in me.

Ok, I’ll end your suspicions! It’s a box of Crayola crayons!

When I was a kid, I loved crayoning. It was a peaceful creative hobby that I could take with me to my treehouse, my reading nook or on a car trip. Little did I know that my crayons would grow up to be markers and I would color my way into a business. My first set was a box of 8 basic colors (box still sold today) but I soon graduated to 48.

I did some research about Crayola and thought I would share:

Crayola was formerly called Binney and Smith and was founded in 1885 in Pennsylvania. It was originally an industrial pigment and supply company but soon focused on art producing  product’s like chalk, crayon, markers and paints. Wax crayons came into existence in 1923 and they say the rest is history. To read more about the history of Crayola, please follow this link.

Crayola 48

Crayola 48

According to Pinterest and Facebook, the newest adult hobby is crayoning.The coloring books, of course, are different and so are the colors. Adults must choose either blue bolt, bronze golden-yellow, infra red, mahogany, pumpkin, sea foam. Coloring books or pages are available on-line and these are some samples from Barnes and Noble.

Nautical adult images to color

Nautical adult images to color

Stained glass images for adult coloring pursuits

Stained glass images for adult coloring pursuits

Floral adult coloring book

Floral adult coloring book

The hobbies I previously mentioned are relaxing but there’s something magical when you envision the color selections  for a picture. Colors “dance across the page. There are no mistakes. Coloring engages both sides of the brain – the tactical (feel of the crayon in your fingers) and the creative (colors you choose). Social media (Pinterest and Facebook) are now featuring colored pages and pages are available for downloading! There are now Coloring Meet-Ups!

Won’t you join me in this “new” creative hobby? I bet your journal page will really like you!

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