New Milestone

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Today, WordPress informed me that I have shared 200 posts with you! I know that in the scheme of things it’s not very many but I figure twice a week for ____ months would add up to some interesting, amusing, thoughtful pieces that I hope you all enjoyed and found useful. Thanks for following.


Letting go

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following is a fictious story of a woman who was confronted with her old journals and what she did about them. It is entitled “Dear Diary, you’re history!”

” I clearly state that I am in my right mind (well, truth be told, I am not entirely sure about that fact) and have full knowledge of scissors and other violent tools. I have decided that I am going to toss out all my old journals. My claim is that, while murderous, it is the right thing to do. Once the words are written , they are impossible to deny. One journal named names and contains snippets of my story and others! There were secrets in one and a few lies in others. However, I absolutely loved the covers! I worked hard on them, collaging and mod podging until there was not a trace of the original boring cover underneath.

I have decided to re-read  all the agonizing words before I send the journals to their fate. I am sure that this is a gigantic waste of time, but I did write in them and there might be some morsels I can keep for that novel I keep saying I am going to write. Some might say that I am taking all this a bit too far, but upon my death, those journals will reveal things about my life. Future generations shouldn’t have to know that my secret ambition was to meet George Clooney!

I did read a blog post about this very thing and began to wonder, do others keep their journals, scan them onto hard drives or toss them?? I don’t think that you should re-write them, because your feelings, experiences and relationships change over time. The situations that caused you anxiety may have  been resolved and the outcome was different from what you envisioned. I date my entries and usually fill the entire page with my scribblings, so it is hard for me to re-write.

So, my question remains: what do you do with your old journals?? Write and let us know at

‘Til next time,





Ask a stupid question

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Today is Ask a Stupid Question Day. It’s your opportunity to speak up, and to ask all those questions you were afraid to ask. All those questions that you thought were too stupid or dumb to ask, have been piling up all year long. Today is the day to unload them. C’mon give it a try. Nobody will laugh……we hope.

This may be a stupid question, but I will ask it anyway…… Teachers say there is no such thing as a stupid question. Or, that no question is too stupid to ask. If this is true, then why do your classmates laugh when you ask a question?  Yes, kids can be cruel. But, if you have a question, there’s no better place to ask, than in the classroom.

Today’s Quote: “Stupid is as stupid does”. Forrest Gump

 Movie of the  Day: “Dumb and Dumber”

Other “Stupid” stuff:

  • Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
  • This might sound stupid, but……
  • Do you think I’m stupid enough to fall for that (duh!)
  • Seen on a T-shirt “I’m with Stupid”. Well, if that’s true, how smart are you?

Origin of Ask a Stupid Question Day:

The roots of this special day goes back to the 1980’s. At the time, there was a movement by teachers to try to get kids to ask more questions in the classroom. Kids sometimes hold back, fearing their question is stupid, and asking it will result in ridicule. Teachers created this day on September 28, If it fell on a weekend, they would celebrate it on the last day of the month. So today, September 30, IS YOUR DAY TO ASK STUPID QUESTIONS!!



“If there is any kindness I can show or any good thing I can do to my fellow beings, let me do it now, and not deter or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.”

William Penn

Learn to love learning

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Here is another G classic. Enjoy!


Some say the greatest gift you can give anyone is learning. Certainly, learning is a great, great gift. To teach anyone something they didn’t know before is a very special thing, regardless of how significant or trivial it may be. You’ve enriched a human mind. You’ve given the gift of knowledge.


But I believe that there is an even greater gift—the gift of learning to love learning.


There is an old saying: Give a man a fish, you’ve fed him for a day—teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime. I believe the same is true about learning. Give someone the gift of loving learning and they can teach themselves anything they need to know for the rest of their lives.


Curiosity is the main factor in learning. It is the vehicle that drives us to the destination of learning. Some people have it naturally, but in most people it must be inspired, coaxed, nurtured and then developed. It is the main key to true, un-failing, and lasting learning. It is self motivated, rather than perpetuated by outside stimuli that are often not only temporary, but false.  Contrary to popular belief, curiosity did not kill the cat, it is instead what gave it nine lives!  


Learning made into a lifelong habit leads to not only a brighter mind, but also a more active mind. Research has shown that an active mind also leads to a healthier body. It has also been shown that it reduces incidents of depression. Perhaps most interestingly, it has also been shown to reduce incidents of Alzheimer’s.


Love to most people is a very special thing, with a very special meaning. Learning, and the love of it, SHOULD be given, and have, the same status.











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