Letting go

Dear Fellow Journalers,

The following is a fictious story of a woman who was confronted with her old journals and what she did about them. It is entitled “Dear Diary, you’re history!”

” I clearly state that I am in my right mind (well, truth be told, I am not entirely sure about that fact) and have full knowledge of scissors and other violent tools. I have decided that I am going to toss out all my old journals. My claim is that, while murderous, it is the right thing to do. Once the words are written , they are impossible to deny. One journal named names and contains snippets of my story and others! There were secrets in one and a few lies in others. However, I absolutely loved the covers! I worked hard on them, collaging and mod podging until there was not a trace of the original boring cover underneath.

I have decided to re-read  all the agonizing words before I send the journals to their fate. I am sure that this is a gigantic waste of time, but I did write in them and there might be some morsels I can keep for that novel I keep saying I am going to write. Some might say that I am taking all this a bit too far, but upon my death, those journals will reveal things about my life. Future generations shouldn’t have to know that my secret ambition was to meet George Clooney!

I did read a blog post about this very thing and began to wonder, do others keep their journals, scan them onto hard drives or toss them?? I don’t think that you should re-write them, because your feelings, experiences and relationships change over time. The situations that caused you anxiety may have  been resolved and the outcome was different from what you envisioned. I date my entries and usually fill the entire page with my scribblings, so it is hard for me to re-write.

So, my question remains: what do you do with your old journals?? Write and let us know at uniquelyyourscraftjournal@outlook.com

‘Til next time,





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