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Dear Fellow Journalers,

In December, our topic will be collecting recipes. It’s very appropriate as many of us bake a lot during the up-coming holidays. I would like to include a sampling of recipes from my readers. If you would email me a couple of recipes (appetizer, desert, main meal etc.) that would be great. My email is

Thanks in advance,



Random Acts of Gratitude

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Day 9 of our Random Acts reads:

” Send a silly card to brighten someone’s day.”

I am blessed

Dear Fellow Journalers,

When I was teaching about prayer in my Church’s Religious Education Program, I taught my students an acronym A C T S which stood for prayers of adoration (Praise), contrition, Thankfulness and supplication.  Whether you’re a practicing Christian or not, I am sure that you have offered one or more of these prayers over the last year.

I share this with you because recently I woke up feeling very grumpy and out-of-sorts. Oh, I’d slept well enough but I awoke with a sense of dread. I had some issues to resolve and suddenly my world seemed to be closing in on me. I set out to do my usual chores later that morning and prayed that I could just get through the day without being so depressed.

Lo and behold, several things happened that made me realize that a) I was blessed, b) I wasn’t practicing what I shared with you about feeling gratitude and showing it and c) I still had a lot to give others. First off, in the shopping carriage, someone had left their cane so I returned it to the Customer Service desk. I had to walk the length of the store to get there but as I soon discovered that was where I was supposed to be. As I proceeded down an aisle, I saw an older woman was balancing small boxes of cereal with one hand and holding onto her carriage with the other for support. Of course, gravity took over and she lost her balance and the boxes fell all over the floor. As I was picking them up for her, she said, “bless you for helping me.” The proverbial bell went off in my head – she was grateful and showed it.

I decided to take some pages in my journal to write out my blessings. I was amazed at how many I had. What I once thought were difficulties in my life turned out to be turning points. Have you ever thought about the thread that runs through your life? If you had attended a different college, you wouldn’t have met your spouse. If you had taken that job you wanted so badly, you’d be out of work now because the company went out of business. We all have those “what if’s” moments.

What if you sent a silly card to brighten someone’s day? Day 9 of Random Acts of Gratitude. Focus on the many blessings you have and show your thanks by sharing with others today.

‘Til next time,


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