My Blessings and Gratitude Pages

Dear Fellow Journalers,

My Blessings and Grateful pages soon took on a life of their own and I began a Gratitude Journal. I transferred all the written pages to the new journal and copied the following saying to the cover:

” To create a poem, to write a story, in all the works of art you do, you are letting God express His gifts to the world through you.”

“Prosper the works of our hands.”

Here are some ideas on what to write in your Gratitude Journal:

  1. Stop. For a moment.
  2. Practice Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Make it a rule to write 5 things you are grateful for per day. Avoid repeating the same things. As time goes by, you’ll be challenging yourself to find new things to be grateful for.
  4. Write about basic material things you are grateful for. Don’t just list them. Express how they made you feel and why you’re grateful for them.
  5. Write about extended material things. If you love to paint for example, express gratitude for the ability to select colors and for the paint you can afford to purchase.
  6. Write about your abilities – not just being able to see – but how you can share what you know with others, how you’re a good friend, that you always try to be kind and considerate.
  7. Write about the people in your life – not just your family. You may find that over time that annoying co-worker is someone you are grateful for!
  8. Write about situations and experiences that have made you happy.
  9. Write about people who have influenced you life – what they did and how you felt.
  10. Write about your spouse and/or children. Write about the big and little things that enhance  your life.
  11. Answer the question: How do I show Gratitude today?


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