Daer Fellow Journalists,

If there’s one thing that I am sure of, it’s that as writers of our lives, we are used to change! Here’s an oldie but a goodie from G. (Way back in 2015!)


Isn’t it “funny” how some things that were once so important in our lives shrink to almost total insignificance as we age? You certainly have examples of this in your life, making it unnecessary for me to relate mine. Take a moment to reflect.  

Do values, ideas, ideals, knowledge, beliefs, morals, behaviors, concepts, etc., etc, etc, change that much?

OF COURSE THEY DO! How else can we measure our growth, or lack thereof?

Two old sayings come to mind: “The only change that is constant is change itself”, and “Change is the one thing that separates the living from the dead.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a few people in my life whose refusal to accept change marks them as dead people walking. I’m sure you have some too.

I hope in my life, as I grow older day by day, that no one will ever say to me, or about me: “There’s old Ray— always the same.”

I sat on a mountain top the other day, very early in the morning, and thought to myself that Time is what made this a mountain. Indeed, Time is what makes us all who and what we are. Change over Time is what makes the catalyst.

I found myself that morning, sitting there in the early morning mist, feeling sorry for people who can’t / won’t accept change. These poor souls miss out on the grand opportunities of each new day. Hellva’ shame. Life holds sooooo much for those who accept change.

Now understand, I do believe in the need to question change. Change that doesn’t lead to the greater good does no one any value. Wisdom lies in the ability to discern whether or not change accomplishes that. And the attainment of wisdom is a grueling, day to day, hard work challenge.  And even wisdom changes.

I hope I’ve given you something to ponder. Remember, change is coming ! 

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  1. P Cole
    Jun 03, 2021 @ 11:44:48

    Very true. Thanks for this special post.



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