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Dear Fellow Journalers,

Planning ahead with a garden journal can save you time and money. The journal will serve as a reference later, on what worked well and didn’t in your garden. You can record information such as where and when you planted seeds, pruning and fertilizing schedules, garden supply resources and web sites.

There are many journal options:

a. Homemade – decorate a plain composition book and add document envelopes to hold loose pages.

b. Shoebox – organize seed packets.

c. Homemade binder with printable pages.

d. Hand-covered store bought.

e. Software

f. On-line garden planners.


What can you journal?

There are so many topics here, that I probably missed one or two! Weather, locations of plantings, seed packet information, seed starting dates, photos, garden quotes, perennial dates, magazine clippings, websites, wish lists, chore lists to name a few.

Here are some different types of journals that I found:

Catalog your seed collection: Get your shoebox of seeds organized so you know what you have available to plant this year and when you should plant it.

Create a list of plants and seeds you’d like to grow – A Garden Planner

Record Keeping Journal: Includes current gardening information and planning tools such as garden layouts, visual references such as pictures (magazine clippings) bloom types and colors.

Garden Organizer: Grouped by plant type or location by color or season.

Photo Album: This form of garden journal lets you store garden picture details of plants and activities. A popular use of this type is to take digital photos of your plants through each stage of their growth. You can review what weeds look like so that you don’t actually cut the flowers by mistake.

Here are some blogs I found:



Paper Daydreams

Choosing a Theme and Creating a Cover

Before you go off to your local Craft Store, have you figured out:
a. What do you want from your journal?
b. What is the content of your journal?
c. When and where do you see yourself journaling?
Unless you have a goal or a vision, you won’t know where to start.
Remember, there are no rules, no restrictions and most importantly, no timetable. Many journaling sites/books start off with discussions
about materials and some inspirational prompts. Some of the types
discussed are those of the authors. Some of these
prompts and ideas will be found in future posts.

There are many types of themes for journals. Some of them are:
1. Planning (wedding, baby shower)
2. Travel
3. Music
4. Sketches or fabric swatches
6. Collections
Some of mine are ( I couldn’t resist!)
1. Card ideas
2. Sentiments
3. Magazine articles
4. Stamps
5. Die Cuts
After deciding on your theme, the next thing is to decide on the
book cover. The easiest journal is a composition book. These are
the inexpensive 100 or so line paged book you used in grade school. Put one in your bag, one near your bed and one in your car.
The traditional size is 8″ x 10″. The color of the book (red, black and white or green marble) does not matter much as it only serves as a canvas for your inspirations. The reason I mention this book is because it is familiar and comforting to you. Since the idea of writing a journal is intimidating enough, the use of
the composition book of old is like wearing a favorite piece of jewelry to an interview.

Your collage elements will be determined by your theme. For purposes of discussion, let’s say I was going to create a journal about my discovering mixed media. The steps are: sorting elements,
staging and starting small and planning big.
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