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Dear  Fellow Journalers,

In what is fast becoming a tradition, one of our contributor’s  G has asked to write his Perspectives once a month. Here is a classic:



I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t get up with the sun, and usually before it. I mean it– all my life, Sats and Sunds usually included. I even have a little game I play. I make some coffee and go to the window and wait for old Mr. Sun to arrive. (Somedays he’s late– Somedays I am. We give each other hell for being late too! He has some bullshit story about having to travel around the world to meet me!)

Anyway, every morning I ask him”What do you have in store for me today Old Man?” His answer is always the same “Opportunity Kid, Opportunity.”

Can’t you answer better than that? I ask. There is no better answer than that! he responds.

This little dialog, conducted daily, makes me want to answer the order given by Capt. Picard of the Starship Enterprize: Let’s see what’s out there!

And everyday it comes: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Everything that comprises L*I*F*E! And all the time, Mr. Sun watches and observes. Mr Sun himself never really knows what he brings with him. And often I wonder what he thinks of my life. He’s seen every day of it. He reminded me just last week how old I was getting. He shone down on a picture of me taken when I was two. We (my parents and I) were on vacation. Damn, I was cute! Sandy blond hair, big blue eyes, etc.

What ever happened to that kid? I asked Mr. Sun. I kept going through space! he replied, and every day I did it, you got a day older.

Hey Mr Sun, speaking of getting older, care to tell me how many more morning meetings we have left?

Sorry Kid, no can do– but I will tell you something special.

Ok what’s that Mr Sun?

Well kid, when you can no longer come to these meetings, I’ll still be showing up. And when I pass over that tiny green spot that comprises your little bit of immortality on Earth, I always send extra rays to those of you who said Good Morning AND Good Night to me. Let’s you know I appreciated you.

I appreciate you too Mr. Sun. BUT, coffee’s finished, the day awaits.

Hey kid, by the way, I saw you eyeing the pretty girl yesterday!

Mr. Sun! YOU went and put that tan and those TAN LINES on her, so don’t blame me!

Alright kid, fair enough– let’s go see what’s out there for you today! Remember now– all I promise is OPPORTUNITY– the rest is up to you.

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