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     I am always inspired and motivated when I read a post or an article or see a pin that makes me think. I usually try to  incorporate what I read into action in my life. So, I am taking this advice:

“Every accomplishment begins with a person deciding to try what dreams and vision that they may have in their hearts. Instead of just being someone with a creative imagination, and just being able to dream, we have to try to live to become the person we dream about being.”

     To read more of this post, please see J.Johnson on Search Quotes 3/17/14


I recently sent out a request to most everyone in my address book and while some responded positively, I wanted to extend the invitation to you also.

Uniquely Yours Craft Journal is looking for Guest Contributors to write and share their creative journey.

Some of you started your journey a long time ago. You met with obstacles, lots of hills and “slumps” and are still going. You have a lot of wisdom to share.

Some of you took up a walking stick (pen) and have jogged along quite nicely until you saw those two paths and are now trying to re-focus. You have a lot to share about overcoming those obstacles.

Some of you are new to journaling and want to remain anonymous because you are taking baby steps. You have found quotes on search engines and Pinterest that have inspired you. You’ve found other blogs and want to share, but are not sure to whom.

Whatever your case is, we all have things to share. Why not with us? My plan is to have you email me with your “Random Thoughts” or articles or pictures  and I will post them and of course give you credit. I won’t post your name or email if you don’t want me to. You can post once a week or once a month. Whatever you choose!

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. If interested, please email me at


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