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Dear Fellow Journalers,

Our son turns 31 this week! Yikes, I feel really old today. Anyway, while surfing the web for the appropriate birthday sentiments I came across this post which I am going to paraphrase for you and our “D” It is called 30  seeds of thought. This post copies the first 10. You can read the entire post from Joshua Fields Milburn at


The first 10

     1. We must love. Love is the basic foundation of anything worthwhile. It’s worth fighting for, dying for and risking all.

     2. Love isn’t enough. What? Well, you can say you love me, but if you don’t show me, what does that say?

     3. Happiness is not for sale in any store. You can’t buy happiness yet any teen in America thinks they’ll be happy if they’re wearing the RIGHT T-shirt, the RIGHT pair of sneakers or carrying the RIGHT phone.

     4. Success is perspective. You know that saying about the grass is always greener on the other side?

     5. You must make change a MUST. Wanting to change a situation is a good first step, but until you realize it’s a MUST and are compelled to take action, you haven’t made any difference in your life.

     6. Growth and contribution is the meaning of life. Continue to grow and help others.

     7. Good health is important. Eating french fries every day does not make your bones strong.

     8 Sentimental things are not as important as you think. “Stuff” is important but not as important as the person.

     9. Your job is not your mission. You can become a slave to your job or you can go to work, come home, and live your life.

    10. Finding your passion is important. Maybe you know what your passion is and maybe you don’t but find out. It will change everything for you.

Happy Birthday “D”!



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