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G is at it again! Enjoy!


Funny, isn’t it? I mean the way people drift in and out of your life, and sometimes in high numbers? The other day I was cleaning out some old boxes at home, and I found an old, (and I mean 20-30 years old) personal phone book. You know, the kind where you write down the names and addresses of people “on your list.”

My book contained the names of everyone from close personal friends to passing business acquaintances. What a list of names! Surprisingly, I was able to put a face with almost every name. I then lapsed into a session of that great game, ‘I wonder where they are now.’ You know, because I’m sure you’ve played it yourself.

Closely examining the book, I narrowed it down to a list of seven people I would love to talk with again. I started dialing. Here’s the result:

¨     Four were disconnects, or numbers that had been reissued. Not surprising considering the length of time.

¨     One was a number that had passed from a parent to a now married child. Regrettably, my friends from the past had been killed in an auto accident about ten years ago.

¨     The last two? PAYDIRT! I found my long-lost friends!

The conversations were long and friendly. Full of “catching up, and how are you.” It was really a great feeling to reconnect with that long past part of my life again. For a few minutes of conversation, I felt 30 years young again! With one couple I was able to set up a dinner date. The other, a retired Marine now living in Arizona, the reunion would need be delayed. Didn’t matter really, just being in touch was great!

If  YOU have an old phone phonebook in your home somewhere. Go dig it out, and start dialing!



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  1. paul
    Aug 12, 2015 @ 18:38:43

    A wonderful piece!! Thanks G for writing about a favorite treasure and bringing back memories.



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