The rest of my life

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Back in 2011, G wrote an article about goals entitled The Rest of my life”. He is gladly sharing it with us.




Whether I have 3 or 103 more years, I plan on living the rest of my life “in pursuit of”. What do I plan to pursue?

I’M GOING TO PURSUE KNOWLEDGE. I love learning! Always have. There’s so much I have to learn, and so little time left to learn it! I want to KNOW! I want to UNDERSTAND! I want to be a little bit smarter each and every day I have left to me. I’m starting all over again, and forever, NOW!

I’M GOING TO PURSUE KINDNESS. Not getting it, but GIVING it! I have always tried to be kind, but have often failed. That ends today! I’m going to be KIND. I’m going to do all in my power to help and aid my fellow-man. I will now always be mindful of Rudyard Kipling’s’ quote: I AM ONLY ONE, BUT I AM ONE! I CAN NOT DO EVERYTHING, BUT I CAN DO SOMETHING! AND WHAT I CAN DO, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I WILL DO!

I’M GOING TO PURSUE LOVE. Again, not getting it, but GIVING it! I’m going to try like hell to follow that golden rule. I’m going to try to be like God himself when He simply forgives and loves me no matter what stupid, and sometimes hateful things I do. And again, I’ll start NOW.

I’M GOING TO PURSUE NOT BEING BITTER OR VENGEFUL If you “got over” on me, took advantage of me, or “knifed me”, I’m through wasting my time being bitter or vengeful. I’ve still got a whole, wide, wonderful life left to live!

I’M GOING TO PURSUE HAPPINESS. I’ve had much unhappiness in my life, but also a great share of happiness. I think now that my “days are numbered and drawing to a close”, I’m going to start to do more of the things that make me happy, and hope that my actions make others happy also, or at least, bring no unhappiness to others.

I’M GOING TO PURSUE LIFE. Isn’t it too bad that you have to get older to understand that you really need to pursue life, NOT have it pursue you??!! Sure, everyone needs money. Sure, everyone needs some “creature comfort.” Sure, everyone needs security. But somehow haven’t we all forgotten that what we need most of all is the pure appreciation of LIFE ITSELF!? For whatever time this old bastard has left, look for me to be REALLY APPRECIATING the simple fact of LIFE, and living it. To quote that old nonsense, I’m REALLY going to “stop and smell the roses.”

I’M GOING TO PURSUE EXPERIENCES. I’ve had about two trillion experiences in my life, some good and some bad, and a lot mundane. How I wish that I hadn’t  been either too busy, too preoccupied, or too damn stupid to have learned more from each and every one of them!

So my friends, that’s my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Am I crazy? SURE! But then again, YOU’ve ALWAYS known that about me! But may I add; CRAZY like a FOX!

You see, it’s taken me a lifetime to reach some of these conclusions. I don’t want you (those younger than me, at least) to waste anymore time! Take advantage of what I’ve learned, often the HARD way!

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