Dear Fellow Journalers,

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “Decision” as the act or process of deciding; a report  a conclusion; or a judgement.

Some decisions we make in life are super easy. “Do you want fries with that?” Is one of them. So is listening to a certain type of music.

Some decisions are harder to make -life choices is one category that has many decisions one needs to make -area of study, college, jobs etc. Some decisions are based on our upbringing -what religion we will practice, lifestyle, values.

Many of us will never face the gut-wrenching decision to fire a weapon at another human being but if one trains to be a first responder that decision plays a part in a person’s life.

The idea of decision came to me while watching a documentary about Sam Houston and the Alamo Defenders. The decision to stay and fight an impossible-to-win battle for Texas freedom was not an easy one for the untrained men at that fort long ago and yet the moral code of each was challenged when Col. Austin drew a line in the sand.

We make decisions every day some big, some small and if you’re facing one of those right now how  do you make the right choice? I’ve personally had some tough decisions to make in my 60+ years of life and have faced the paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice. So how do we make the choice of decision less painful and more productive? Here are some tips:

  • Journal your fears. Write down the decision you need to make and list everything that you’re worried about regarding the decision. What will happen if I make the wrong choice?
  • Identify the worst case scenario. Could the worst happen? Is it likely to happen?
  • Is the decision reversible?
  • Talk to a trusted family member or friend.
  • Stay calm -try mindfulness.
  • Get information -research.
  • Ask questions.
  • Who is affected by my decision?
  • List your opinions.
  • Benefits and losses of my choices.

So what was one of my dilemmas? I have been writing about journaling for several years now and when I wrote about dreams I began to think about one of my secret dreams. Back in high school I had a dream to become a writer. But my mother was dismayed and pointed out to me that I would never make any money. I had to set  sites on a nursing career (yes, I was a “candy stripper”) one summer; a secretary (I worked in an office)  one winter break; a teacher (I taught Sunday school). I could write on the side, she said. Well, armed with that lack of parental support, I entered the teaching field and although I wrote reports, I never did write “The Great American Novel” but I have and am writing two blogs now and recently published a fan fiction Story. I wonder though, what would have happened to me if long ago I would have pursued my dream despite my family’s wishes?

So my challenge to you is, in the midst of this crisis, what decisions do you need to make and how are you tackling them?




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