What can I do?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

A lot of time, mostly stressful ones, we ask that question of friends/relatives/complete strangers. Most of the time, the person tells us “thanks, but nothing.” Some of us may feel relieved, because in truth, even though we may have the best of intentions, we either don’t have or think we don’t, the ability or talent to do anything extraordinary to help someone. Oh, we can bake, or send a card, care for young children, clean a home, mow a lawn, wield a hammer but anything out of “our comfort zone” sends us packing.

So what was the motivation of all the people who went beyond the simple “thank you” to first responders during the health crisis? We saw on tv video and pictures of people who had birthday or other celebrations via car parades. We saw patients who had spent an inordinate amount of time in the hospital upon recovery get a parade of nurses and doctors all glove-clapping,  we saw restaurant and food truck vendors donate food. We saw companies whose CEO ‘s didn’t want to shut down, and direct employees to make PPE for their communities. We saw children drawing rainbows on the front windows of their homes, and finally in my town, first responders and the Air National Guard distribute PPE equipment to companies that need it for their workers.

What do all those people have in common? They asked what “can I do?” My husband has an email group that he sent funny and/or motivational quotes to  on a daily basis. I am making and sending cards with motivational quotes or what I call “love notes.”  Every time we go to a fast food restaurant we say “thank you for being here” to the guy or gal in the widow.

I understand the frustration, inconvenience, anger and fear and claustrophobic feelings we are all facing. Just a few months ago I was writing about how the internet was taking over our lives that no one talked to anyone anymore. Now, look what people have done with platforms -Zoom, Tele-conference with patients and doctors etc.

I bet your “What I did during the Covid-19 crisis” is opened every day!



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