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Down through the staircase of history the concept and interpretation of honor has undergone many, many changes. In the opinion of this writer, honor has undergone a severe decrease in its’ importance and prominence in our lives, and our society.

Of course honor, in the end run, has always been subject to an individuals’ interpretation and moral conscience. And the degree to which each individual holds the value of honor varies, and varies greatly.

That is the essence of my piece. Has the value of honor sunk so low that it no longer has any significance? Has the concept of honor become a punch line, a joke, an obsolete idea? Do words like “on my honor” “a matter of honor” “duty and honor” “a consequence of honor” “an honorable person” etc. have any meaning anymore? Interesting question huh?

I could always quote definitions from dictionaries, scholarly works, or even personal feelings, but as I’ve already said, honor is largely a matter of personal interpretation. Definitions would have little worth here.

So I float a question on this whole concept of honor to you: Does honor have any value in the modern, “hooray for me, and XXXX you” world? Shall we just put the whole thing on display in a museum somewhere? Should we abandon it all and leave the decision to future generations?

Me? Well I’m afraid I’m “stuck” with honor, and frankly, glad to be so. You see at 71 years of age, 16 years of Catholic education, so many years a Marine, and being a God fearing guy, I’m a dinosaur. It’s too late for me. I still cringe when I see / experience a breech of honor, or on rare occasion, commit one myself. But all in all, honor has a significant personal, daily meaning to me.

So being an “honorable” guy, believing that honor is what separates us from the monkeys, I’m going to continue to believe in, and hold in high esteem, HONOR.

You? You’ll have to make your own decision.



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