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Dear Fellow Journalers,

One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost. His poem ” Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” remains a favorite to this day. So when I was looking for a title for this post I realized that I too had a promise to keep with you. Last year I wrote about the different journals there are and promised to write about 12 different ones each month. This year I decided to do the same as many of you wrote me and commented on different ones that we explored together.

This year’s group include:

Life Goals ( January)

Creative Journaling (February)

Memories (March)

Record of events – one moment at a time (April)

Letter writing ( May)

Time Capsule ( June)

Travel ( July)

The UN-sent letter ( August)

My favorite movie ( September)

Grocery Journal (October)

Sentiments for cards ( November)

Holiday Journals (December)

I hope you will think about these content journals and if you keep one or more of these journals already, that you’ll share your experiences with us.

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Dear Fellow Journalers,

Here is another post from G He promises that it is thought-provoking!


“The woods are  lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep -” So wrote Robert Frost. He seemed to know about promises. A “promise” has been defined as giving your word, based on your honor to do something. Very simple definition for a very complex word.

Thankfully, to some people, a promise is everything. When they make a promise, they make it with every good intention, and they keep it. To others,  a promise is little more than saying “hello, how are you?”

Unfortunately, we have all given promises we haven’t kept. Some have been for good and legitimate reasons, others simply because it was convenient and not for a good reason.

The most sacred of all promises should be those that are made to children. Make a promise to an adult, and break it, well, they’ll usually get over it. But a broken promise to a child is unforgettable. Broken promises hurt like hell. The betrayal of trust involved can last hours or in some cases, a lifetime.

Here’s my proposal:

  1. Treat every promise like you were spending gold from your vault.

  2. Do your best, on your honor, to keep every promise you make.

  3. If you can’t keep a promise, at least make it conditional.

  4. Do your best to insure that when a promise is made to you, that person understands that you are counting on them to keep it.

I promise to do these 4 things. How about you?


October 2020
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