The kid at Home Depot

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Another post from G!

The other day I had to go to Home Depot to pick up some stuff, and remembered I needed a new screwdriver.

Turning into the tool aisle, I spotted a young boy, whom I would guess to be about 7 or 8, and his mother. This kid was pointing out various and asundry tools to his mom, and telling her their uses. I was impressed! I couldn’t name half those tools, let alone tell you what they did!

I listened intently. This kid was rattling this off like other kids would rattle off baseball stats, or maybe a litany of their favorite groups’ songs.

I couldn’t resist interacting with this kid.

Hey sport, can you tell me where to find the screwdrivers?

Flathead, Phillips, or combo?

Whoa! This kid is deadly!


Right over here mister.

He then proceeded to pick up one brand and model and explain why this was the one I needed to buy, even though it was more expensive.

In the background, I noticed his mother trying not to laugh as this kid gave a passionate lecture on screwdrivers.

Well sport, you sold me! This is the only one I’m buying. Tell me, why do you love tools so much?

Oh mister, do you know what you can do with tools? Do you know what you can build or fix? When I’m 10, my mom is going to buy me a whole tool kit. I can’t wait! (He said it with the passion of a kid waiting on their first car)

What’s the first thing you’re going to build? I asked.

Quickly he said: A kitchen table! Ours is a little wobbly, and I want our family to have a nice place to eat.

I got all emotional at his emotion.

His mom then explained that while other kids like to go to playgrounds or some such, her son only wanted a weekly trip to Home Depot.

Hey sport, this screwdriver you recommend so highly, you got one?

No, not yet, he said.

Well, you and your mom come with me to the front, because I’m buying 2, and giving one to you.

His mother protested, but I insisted.

When I gave the screwdriver to this amazing kid, you’d think I’d given him an   x-box or something!

Thanks mister, thanks a lot

Walking to my car, I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL kids showed such enthusiasm for life, and for what they’d wish to be their life’s’ work!?

This kid is going to build the future of America, and I’m proud to say I helped encourage him.



Taking a trip

THE MOST IMPORTANT TRIP  you may ever take is meeting someone half way!

Life Lesson

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Our son turns 31 this week! Yikes, I feel really old today. Anyway, while surfing the web for the appropriate birthday sentiments I came across this post which I am going to paraphrase for you and our “D” It is called 30  seeds of thought. This post copies the first 10. You can read the entire post from Joshua Fields Milburn at


The first 10

     1. We must love. Love is the basic foundation of anything worthwhile. It’s worth fighting for, dying for and risking all.

     2. Love isn’t enough. What? Well, you can say you love me, but if you don’t show me, what does that say?

     3. Happiness is not for sale in any store. You can’t buy happiness yet any teen in America thinks they’ll be happy if they’re wearing the RIGHT T-shirt, the RIGHT pair of sneakers or carrying the RIGHT phone.

     4. Success is perspective. You know that saying about the grass is always greener on the other side?

     5. You must make change a MUST. Wanting to change a situation is a good first step, but until you realize it’s a MUST and are compelled to take action, you haven’t made any difference in your life.

     6. Growth and contribution is the meaning of life. Continue to grow and help others.

     7. Good health is important. Eating french fries every day does not make your bones strong.

     8 Sentimental things are not as important as you think. “Stuff” is important but not as important as the person.

     9. Your job is not your mission. You can become a slave to your job or you can go to work, come home, and live your life.

    10. Finding your passion is important. Maybe you know what your passion is and maybe you don’t but find out. It will change everything for you.

Happy Birthday “D”!




Dear Fellow Journalers,

This is a classic G post. Enjoy!


I don’t know about you, but I have too much stuff. You know, that stuff that just appears and accumulates in one’s life. And I guarantee you that stuff is a prolific breeder. Wherever you have stuff, more stuff will mysteriously and magically appear. Stuff hates to be alone.

No one is exactly sure what causes stuff to be. In my case, one cause is that I’ll be in a store somewhere, see something, and say Hey that’s cool. I can use that. Then, I’ll find that item, two years later, still in its original packaging, has become stuff.

The best that can happen is that when you’re going through stuff, you come across something that you have an immediate need / use for. You put the item into service right then and there. It stops being stuff at this point.

The worst that can happen is you come across stuff and ask yourself What the hell did I buy that for?! Then you must dispose of it or retain it as stuff. If you retain, that’s when the phenom known as stuff begins. And remember, stuff breeds stuff.

I recently spent an afternoon going through stuff. That’s when I discovered the absolute worst thing that can happen. Intending to rid myself of a bunch of stuff, I fell victim to one of stuffs best allies But I may have a use for this SOMEDAY!. Working closely together, stuff may have us conspire to take over all the space in your life. If you’re not careful, you’ll wake up one day and say Where did all this stuff come from?!

Stuff also can cast a magic spell. This spell has us saying, I’ve got to clean this stuff up SOMEDAY! Well friends, I’ve checked several calendars, and there’s no day of the week named SOMEDAY.

You know something else? If you don’t clean up your stuff, when you die, other people will come in and clean it up. Know what they’ll say? Look at all this shit stuff (insert your name) had? Why did they save this stuff?

OK gang, time to clean up your stuff. BE RUTHLESS! Don’t fall prey to the traps I’ve outlined. Get rid of a lot of stuff. Especially those wayward parts for a coffee maker you had ten years ago.

P.S. If when you’re cleaning out your stuff, you find some real good stuff, and you can’t bear to throw it out, send it over to my house! I’ve cleaned out so much that my stuff is getting lonely and needs more stuff to keep it company! Besides, and you know this is true, your stuff will accumulate more stuff again anyway!

Standing Up

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Standing up for your ethical principles takes courage. Courage is the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear. Courage is about setting aside your fear and taking action for the good of yourself or someone else.

     First Responders are always running into danger while others are rushing out. Last February, in a town not far from my home, a young woman stopped her car by the side of the highway to help stranded people whose car had been involved  in a hit/run situation. It had snowed and the pavement was slippery. Her training as a medical technician in the Air Force and recent degree in social work enabled her to assist the people. Tragically, she stepped onto the icy bridge and fell to her death. She was 34 years old.

     Standing up to protect someone’s rights as well as basic principles of honesty, moral virtue, and ethical behavior is a noble cause. Today especially and for the entire month of July, we Americans remember our Founding Fathers and the cause that led to our freedom. It started with John Adams, Samuel Adams, William Dawes, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Dr. Samuel Prescott, Paul Revere, and George Washington.

     To sign the Declaration of Independence was an act of treason against England and King George III. Their punishment could mean death, if they were caught. In order to protect their identity, their names were kept from the public for six months after the signing.

     As Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story” is that 2 of the men became Presidents, Senators and Governors. Nine died before feeling the independence they were fighting for. Five were taken prisoner by the British. Eighteen lost everything, including their families. Two were fathers of sons who were killed or taken prisoner by the British. When they pledged “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” they risked everything and stood up for America. It was worth protecting then, now and always.


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